MTTC Tests

5 Important Points about the MTTC

The ability for becoming a successful educator cannot always be predicted, but certain qualities like academic or pedagogical skills can definitely be calculated. The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) is an effort by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) to evaluate the innate ability of a candidate to become a successful teacher. The MTTC tests comprise a battery of examinations, which will analyze your capability to become an educator of merit. So let us learn more about the MTTC tests...

Some Essential Features of the MTTC

The MTTC tests will evaluate your basic academic knowledge as well as your understanding of the subject that you wish to teach in school. How will it do so, you ask? The following list will help you understand the MTTC tests better:

  1. Nature of the examination:

    The MTTC tests can be broadly divided into two parts depending on the subjects covered in each part. The two sections of the test are:

    • MTTC Basic Skills Test: This section will evaluate your preliminary academic knowledge, i.e. whether you have the 'basic skills' to become a teacher. This section of the test can be subsequently divided into three sub-sections, viz. Reading, Mathematics and Writing.

    • MTTC Subject Area Tests: As the name of this group of tests suggest, this part of the MTTC is designed to evaluate your knowledge of the subjects that are taught in school. This part of MTTC has a number of test modules; however, you have to take only those tests that are applicable to the subject/subject you want to teach in school.

    The above-mentioned list will help you understand the basic features of the MTTC tests, but if you require more information then click on the following link:

  2. Type of questions:

    For the most part, the MTTC examination consists of multiple-choice questions. However, certain sections of the test may require you to write an essay. Usually, these essays are in the form of open-ended responses to the prompts provided. For example, in the third part of the MTTC 'basic skills' test, you will have to write an essay based on a prompt given. Similarly, if you take 'English' test (under the 'subject area tests') you will have to write responses to pictures, diagrams etc. in the form of essays.

  3. MTTC 'performance assignments':

    The performance assignment questions are a unique feature of the language 'subject tests'. In other words, if you are taking one of the language tests, like Spanish, French etc. then you will have to solve at least 2 'performance assignments'. These questions are usually in the form of a picture, diagram, graph or a prompt that you have to study and then write your response to them.

  4. Duration of the MTTC examination:

    The various sections of the test have different time allotments. However, overall the examination takes about five hours to complete.

  5. Minimum pass marks:

    The scores that you will receive in the MTTC tests are 'scaled scores', where the scale ranges from 100 to 300. You have to score at least 220 in order to pass the examination.

The above-mentioned list will help you understand the MTTC tests better. The following sections will provide some more additional details.

Registering for the Test

The MTTC tests are held quite a number of times in a year and hence, selecting a suitable test date should not be an issue. However, once you have chosen a test date you should register for the test at the earliest. This will ensure a seat on the test date and test location of your choice, because seats are distributed amongst candidates on a first-come-first-served basis. If you want to know more about registering for the MTTC then click on the following links:

Preparing for the Examination

The MTTC tests are designed keeping in mind the fact that the applicants want to begin a professional career. Hence, the questions that you will come across will be quite detailed. Moreover, the questions are such will require you to use your critical and analytical abilities, to answer them. Thus, preparation is essential to ace the test. So study the nature of the test, as discussed in the first section of the article and go through all the links given. After that, start preparing for the examination at the earliest.

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