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All about the MTTC

The first thing that you have to do, to become a teacher in a school in Michigan, is to take your Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). The MTTC is organized by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) in collaboration with the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The MTTC testing is an effort to evaluate the capability of applicants to become successful educators.

Irrespective of the teaching post that you want to hold, i.e. whether you want to become elementary or middle of a high-school teacher, you will have to undergo the MTTC testing. So let's try and learn all about the MTTC, by studying some salient features of the test.

MTTC Examination - Simplified!

The MTTC examination comprises a battery of tests, which you have to take to prove your ability to become an educator of merit. The essential aspects of the test that you must know about, in order to learn all about MTTC testing are as follows:

  • Different sections of the test:

    The entire MTTC testing battery can be divided into two parts, which are...

    • Basic Skills test: As the name of the part of the MTTC suggests, this section of the examination will evaluate your primary abilities to become a successful teacher. Other than that, the 'Basic Skills test' will also evaluate your basic academic knowledge through its 3 sub-sections, viz. Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Another point that you must take into account, while learning all about the MTTC, is that irrespective of the subject that you want to teach, it is compulsory for you to take the 'Basic Skills test'.

    • Subject-area Tests: This part of the MTTC testing consists of a number of test modules, each based on subjects that are taught in school. However, amongst the numerous test modules, you will need to take only those subjects tests, which you want to teach in school. For example, if you want to become an English teacher, all you have to do is take the English 'Subject-area test'.

  • Type of questions asked:

    Knowledge of the MTTC is incomplete, unless you have an idea of the type of questions that you will have to solve in it. The MTTC testing battery consists primarily of multiple-choice questions. However, as per the requirement of the subjects or topics covered in a particular test, you may have to write one or more essays. For example, in the Writing section of the 'Basic Skills test' will have you to write a response, in the form of an essay, to the prompt given. The prompt may be in the form of a statement, question, pictorial representation of a scenario, graph etc.

  • Duration of the examination:

    As per the MTTC testing rules, different sections of the test have been allotted different time limits. Moreover, the amount of time that you will take to complete the examination will also depend on the particular 'Subject-area test' that you will be taking. Nevertheless, on an average it can be said that you will take about 5 hours to complete the examination.

The above-mentioned list provides insight into the nature of the MTTC testing battery, thereby helping you to learn all about the examination. However, there are certain other features of the examination that you still need to know to complete your knowledge about the examination and they have been discussed below.

Performance Assignment Questions

These types of questions are specific to the language tests of the MTTC testing battery. For example, if you take the English, French or any other language 'Subject-area tests', then you will have to solve 'performance assignment questions', along with the multiple-choice questions. In this type of questions, you will have to write a response to a prompt given, which may be in the form of a diagram, graph etc. The response will have to be in the form of a coherent essay, which portrays your thoughts clearly.

Remember to...

Analyze the requirements of the MTTC testing, before you begin preparing for the test. The following link will help you understand the test better:

Once you have checked the link, study again the list of features mentioned in the first section of this article. This will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the MTTC examination and make preparing for the test easier.

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