How to Score High in MTTC?

MTTC stands for Michigan Test for Teacher Certification and it is used for identifying the candidates who possess the skills and knowledge to become teachers. The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson and Michigan educators have prepared the test based on the school curriculum in Michigan, guides, textbooks, and the standards of teacher preparation and certification.

MTTC Certification

There are three different exams in the MTTC test:

  • Basic Skills Test- Anyone who wants to teach in Michigan must pass this Basic Skills test. Skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics are tested in this.

  • Academic Content-area Tests- If you want to teach in the secondary-level, you must pass this test in your subject of specialization.

  • Elementary Education Test- To teach in elementary school, you must pass this test. Further, if you want to teach for grades 6-8 in a classroom setting, you must pass the corresponding subject test as well.

Questions Type and Number of Questions

The questions asked in the MTTC test can be classified broadly into two categories:

  • Multiple-choice Questions- each question is followed by answer options and you must choose the appropriate answer.

  • Performance Assignments- You must carry out a specific task in response to a question.

Basic Skills Test- In total, there are 85 multiple-choice questions and one performance assignment. These questions fall under all the three test subjects (Reading, Mathematics and Writing).

Subject Area Test- For each subject, the test pattern varies. Generally, all the subject area tests consist of multiple-choice questions except for the world language tests. In this subject, along with the multiple-choice questions, performance assignment type questions are also administered.

Formats of the Test

All the different subject areas are available in the paper-based format and a few of them are available in both the paper-based and computer-based formats. The subjects available in the computer-based format are:

  • Basic Skills
  • Elementary Education
  • Mathematics- Elementary and Secondary

Registration for the Test

Three modes of registration are available and these are:

  • Internet Registration This registration method is available during all the three (regular, late and emergency) registration periods. It is available on all days at all times. The registration closes at 5.00 pm (Eastern Time) on the last date of registration. You can log on to and register for the test.

  • U.S. Mail Registration This method is available only for the regular and late registration periods. Your application must be received at the office by 5.00 pm (Eastern Time) to be eligible for registration.

  • Telephone Registration This is available only for the emergency registration period. You can register using this method from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on all working days.

Registration Fees

  • For Paper-based testing For the Basic Skills test, the registration fee is $48 and for the different subjects it is $73. A late registration fee of $30 and an emergency registration fee of $70 are collected in addition to the registration fee if you register during those periods.

  • For Computer-based testing For the Basic Skills test, it is $130 for all the three subtests and $75 and $110 if you opt to take up one or two subtests respectively. For the specialized subjects it is $130.

Test Dates

The paper-based testing is available five times in a year in the months of October, November, January, April and July.

The computer-based testing is available seven times in a year in the months of December, February, March, May, June, August and September.

Test Duration

Each session of the MTTC test is for 4&1/2 hours. If you plan to take up all the three subjects of the Basic Skills test, the time allotted is one session. The time allotted for taking up a single subject of the Basic Skills test is 1&1/2 hours and for two subjects is 3 hours. For the other subjects test, the time allotted is 2&1/2 hours.

MTTC Scores

Your performance is evaluated based on an established standard and not against your fellow examinees. The scores are reported as scaled scores and falls in the range of 100 to 300. The minimum score you must attain to pass the test is 220. Your test score is reported only if you fail in the test and it is not reported if you pass it. Your test scores are valid for five years.

You must pass all the three subjects of the Basic Skills test to pass in the test. However, you can reappear for the subjects in which you have not passed.

Scoring High in the MTTC

Everyone wants to pass the MTTC test and become a teacher. The only solution to passing the test is to prepare thoroughly for the same. There are many comprehensive books available which can be used for the test preparation. Apart from studying, you must practice as many preparatory tests as possible. This will help you in understanding the format of the test as well as your strengths and weaknesses. With the knowledge of your weak areas, you can concentrate more on them and try to attain high scores.


Professional Readiness examination will replace the Basic Skills test of the MTTC test from October 2013. However, the subject areas covered and the subtests remain the same. A few tests have been redeveloped to maintain the standards of the test. Whatever the name of the test, with a good preparation, you can easily ace the MTTC test.

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