About MTTC Test

The MTTC (Michigan Test for Teacher Certification) is a program that has been established with the aim of helping the state of Michigan to ensure that the teachers teaching in Michigan schools have the requisite basic skills and subject-area knowledge. It is evident that you need to have skills of the necessary level in order to pass the MTTC tests and to demonstrate your competence in teaching students in Michigan schools.

How to Become a Certified Teacher in Michigan?

You may have decided to pursue a career in teaching in Michigan, but passing the MTTC is a hurdle that you will have to overcome for being certified to teach in Michigan schools

The process for grant of teacher certification in Michigan will require you to

  • Pass the MTTC Basic Skills test
  • Pass the related subject-area tests (you may be required to take more than one subject-area test depending upon the certification requirements and your choice of subjects)
  • Meet certain other requirements like passing the Elementary Education test (if applicable), complete coursework in a teacher preparation program including the required field and clinical experience etc.

You will have to go through the MTTC Registration Bulletin available at the official website of the test,www.mttc.nesinc.com and identify the specific requirements that you will have to satisfy to earn the type of teacher certification that you are looking for. For instance, you need to pass the Basic Skills test only if you have applied for a Michigan provisional teaching certificate and it is also a requisite for enrolling in student teaching.

What is MTTC?

The MTTC is designed to evaluate your competence in imparting quality education as per the state standards. The skills being tested by MTTC can be classified as:

  • Basic skills: These are the basic skills related to reading, mathematics and writing which are necessary for every individual who wants to pursue a career in education. Moreover, these skills are necessary for being able to communicate effectively which is essential for being a successful teacher.

  • Subject specific skills: You will have to choose a subject area depending upon the subject you wish to teach and the type of teaching certificate you have applied for. The subject-area test will evaluate your skills and knowledge related to that subject. Your knowledge and skill levels in the subject area should be of the level that is expected of a teacher teaching that subject in Michigan schools.

How are Different Skills Evaluated by MTTC?

Each of the MTTC tests has a test format that assesses specific skills of the test-takers. This is achieved by means of different types of questions. The questions that are asked in the test can be broadly classified into two main categories:

  • Multiple-Choice questions: You will have to choose the correct answer from the given options.

  • Performance assignments: You will be required to respond to the question asked by carrying out a specific task. For instance, the Basic Skills test consists of a performance assignment which is basically a writing task. The world language tests will consist of a combination of multiple-choice questions and performance assignments.

The procedure for evaluating different skills has been made simpler by classifying all the MTTC tests as per the skills being evaluated.

  • Basic Skills test: This test evaluates your basic skills by presenting you with a total of 85 multiple-choice questions and one performance assignment (a writing task). All the questions asked are divided into 3 test sections; Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Each of the test sections is scored separately and you cannot pass the Basic Skills test unless you pass all the 3 individual test sections. There is no requirement of retaking a test section once you have already passed it. In other words, you can take the test sections independently in order to meet the Basic Skills test passing requirements.

  • Subject-area tests: There is a separate subject-area test for each subject field.

 How are the Questions Scored?

The number of multiple-choice questions that you have answered correctly will count towards your final MTTC scaled scores. There will be no penalty if you have answered a question incorrectly. There could be some trial questions included in the tests. Your responses to these questions will not count towards your scaled scores. The scaled scores range from 100 to 300. You need to score a minimum of 220 to pass the tests.

Apart from assessing your performance in the entire test, your performance in the subareas for each test will also be evaluated. Your score report will display your passing status, which is whether you have passed the test or not. The total test score will be displayed only if you have failed in the test. Your score report will also contain information about how you have performed in the different subareas for each test with details of how to interpret your scores. If you need to take a retest, your performance in the subareas will help you in identifying the skills and subject areas which you need to improve upon for passing the test.

Your unofficial scores will be posted on the official website on the score report date that has been specified for each test. You will receive the official score reports by mail and they will be mailed to you on the score report date for the test taken by you. Check the MTTC Registration Bulletin from the official website for the score report dates for each test administration.

When and How to Register for MTTC?

Get in touch with your academic advisor for guidance on when to take MTTC. It is generally recommended that you take the test early in your college program. However, it will be advantageous for you if you take the subject-area tests after you have completed a major portion of your college coursework in that subject field.

Registering for MTTC will start with a visit to the official website of the test, www.mttc.nesinc.com. You will need to identify the tests that you have to take and then you can select a suitable test date. Then you need to select the test area where you would like to take the test. Make sure that you have already short listed the institutions to which you would like to send your scores. Provide the details of these institutions at the time of registration. You can register for the test either through the internet or telephone or U.S mail. You can register for the test through the internet (the official website) for all registration periods. You can register for the test by mail only during the regular and late registration periods. You can use the telephone to register for the test only during the emergency registration period. Check the official website for details of the registration periods for each MTTC test.

How to Prepare for MTTC?

The first step in preparing for MTTC is to go through the test content for the test that you are scheduled to take. Understand the test objectives and the subareas for each test. Study guides for each MTTC test are available at the official website. These study guides can be downloaded free of cost and they contain sample questions and tips for preparing for the specific test.  Make sure that you go through these study guides and you can also buy other study guides if you feel that these are insufficient. Your performance in sample tests will help you in self-assessment and in gauging the type and level of preparation required by you for passing the tests. Take the assistance of a prep course if you are not confident of your skill levels in the subject areas being assessed by the test. There are a host of websites that provide assistance in preparing for the test.

Put in your level best and study hard for the test. Preparing for the test is one aspect of taking the tests that cannot be ignored at any cost. Pay due attention to preparing for the test and you will pass the test with flying colours!