MTTC Test Dates

When to take the MTTC?

Though, the choice of test dates ultimately depends on you, but it is essential that you take into account a number of things while choosing MTTC test dates. The MTTC consists of a battery of tests and hence, before you select a test date, you must know the tests that you have to take in order to get your teaching licensure. So let us learn more about MTTC test dates and analyze the best time for you to take the examination.

Understanding the MTTC Test Dates

The MTTC examination is held a number of times throughout the year. However, sometimes this makes selection of MTTC test dates more complicated. So, before you select MTTC test dates you must understand what they represent and when is the ideal time for you to take the test. The following list will help you in this regard:

  • Which version of MTTC are you going to take? There are two versions of the MTTC examination, viz. MTTC PBT (Paper Based Test) and MTTC CBT (Computer Based Test). The MTTC test dates will differ based on the version of the test and that subsequently, will explain the nature of the test dates. The following example will make this notion clear: If you are taking the CBT version of the test, then you can select any day from a '6 days' testing window'. Let us consider that you want to take the test in June 2013; then you can choose to take the test any day from June 13th to 19th (except June 16th, which is a Sunday). However, this facility will not be available to candidates taking the PBT version of the examination. If you are going to take the MTTC PBT on say, July 13th 2013, then you must complete registering for the test by June 21st 2013. It is essential that you register for the MTTC PBT as early as possible, because seats are distributed amongst candidates on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Are you well-prepared for the test? The answer to this question will help you analyze when you can take the test. Make certain that you choose MTTC test dates only after you are satisfied with your level of preparation. The MTTC comprises a battery of tests, amongst which the 'Basic Skills' test is compulsory. This test consists of 3 sub-sections, Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Hence, in order to score well only in the 'Basic Skills' test, you will have to study 3 different subjects. Other than that, the various 'Subject-area tests' will also require proper practice and preparation. Another thing to keep in mind while selecting MTTC test dates is the number of 'Subject-area tests' that you are taking. If you are taking more than one 'Subject-area tests', then ensure that you are well-prepared for all of them, before you select a particular test date.

  • When will you receive your score card? Finally, the nature of MTTC test dates will depend on the time gap for you to take the test and receive your score card. In other words, ensure that there is sufficient buffer time between receiving of the score card and last date of application to schools of Michigan. Ensure, that the various institutes that you apply to receive your MTTC score card much before that last date of application.

The above-mentioned list will help you understand when to take the MTTC and what MTTC test dates represent. If you require more information about MTTC test dates then click on the following link:

Some MTTC Test Dates

Choosing MTTC test dates can become complicated, unless you have a fair idea of when to take the test. You should get in touch with your academic advisor regarding the timing of your MTTC examination. Your advisor will also be able to guide you with regard to the number of 'Subject-area tests' that you need to take. If you want to learn more about some MTTC test dates, then click on the following links:

Take Note of...

The fact that seats are limited in the MTTC test centers and hence, you should apply early, in order to be assured of a seat in the center of your choice. Moreover, there are a number of MTTC test dates for you to select from. So go through the list of points mentioned in the first section of the article and then choose a date that you are most comfortable with.

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