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Sources for MTTC Study Guides

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification or MTTC is a test used for identifying the candidates who possess the skills and subject knowledge that are required to become teachers. A thorough preparation is required to pass this test and the study guides for the MTTC test are described in this article.

Study Guides

For any test preparation, you need books and other resources which can be used for studying and the MTTC test is no exception. The resources can be broadly classified into:

  • Books- Books are one of the most commonly used preparatory resources. An MTTC study guide generally covers all the topics of the test, a few practice tests, solutions to the practice test questions and tips that prove to be very useful both while preparing for the test and while answering questions in the test.

  • Practice tests- Practice tests constitute an important part of any test preparation. A practice test helps you in understanding the format of the test and your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, you can work hard on converting your weaknesses to strengths and thereby increasing your scores in the MTTC test.

Sources of Study Guides

The sources of an MTTC study guide can be broadly classified into:

  • Online Resource- Many books or MTTC study resources are available online. You can download them after paying the cost of the resource or you can order a book through an online store. This source is very helpful since you can purchase the MTTC study guide from the comforts of your home. You can read a few reviews of the various book available and choose the one that is best suited for you. Then, you can order it and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

  • Conventional Book Stores- Most MTTC study resources are available in conventional book stores. You can visit a book store and flip through the books and decide on the one that you will require. The major advantage of a book store is that you can know about the book before you buy it.

Reviews of a Few Study Guides

There is many a MTTC study guide available in today’s market. Here, a few of the good books are reviewed:

  • MTTC Study Guide

    This MTTC study guide is from the makers of the test. A PDF form of the study guide can be downloaded and used for the preparation. All the subject areas and the Basic Skills test are covered in this. You can visit the page, for the details of the guide. A printed version of this is available but you must pay a fee for it. You can order it using the ordering form available at

  • MTTC - Basic Skills & Elementary Education Tests (MTTC Teacher Certification Test Prep-)The Editors of REA

    This is a comprehensive MTTC study guide and all the lessons help in reinforcing the necessary skills. It has been written by experts who have thorough knowledge about the MTTC test. The book also helps you in learning about the test like the topics covered and the scoring system. Apart from this, the book also helps you in charting a schedule for the test preparation. A diagnostic test is also available which will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. It also has tutorials which will improve your test taking abilities. Moreover, two full-length tests with answer explanations are present. This book is available at and the cot of it is $28.06.

  • MTTC Study Guide from 240 tutoring-

    This company offers study guides for a few subjects of the MTTC. The subjects are; Elementary Education, Mathematics (Elementary and Secondary), Integrated Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. The study materials are comprehensive. The details of the study guides along with the cost are available at the link mentioned above.


An MTTC study guide will help you in preparing for the test and many such books are available. However, you must work hard to master the skills and acquire the knowledge that is expected from you to qualify for a teaching position. Read the reviews of the books, identify the one that satisfies your requirements, and use it to prepare for the test and pass the MTTC test with flying colors.

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