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Checklist for MTTC Michigan

You can get your license, to teach in a school in Michigan, if you pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). The MTTC Michigan is organized by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC), to predict the capability of candidates to become successful teachers.

The MTTC Michigan tries to evaluate both your instinctive pedagogical skills and your academic knowledge. If you are considering taking the MTTC in near future, then you must consider a number of things before you begin preparing for the test. The checklist given in the following section of this article will help you in this regard.

Points to Remember about the MTTC Michigan

The MTTC Michigan consists of a battery of tests and it is essential that you understand the objective of each test in the battery, before you take them. Remember, you must prepare for the test by using not only your common sense, but also after having gathered thorough knowledge of the purpose of the examination. The following list will help you take the MTTC Michigan in a competent manner:

  • Nature of the test:

    The first thing on your MTTC Michigan checklist should be to get acquainted with the nature of the examination. The MTTC can be broadly divided into two parts, which are:

    • Basic Skills test: This test will evaluate your preliminary academic prowess in Reading, Mathematics and Writing. These are also the names of the three sub-sections of the MTTC 'Basic Skills test'.

    • Subject-area test: This group of the MTTC tests is based on the subjects that are taught in schools of Michigan. In order to get your teaching licensure, you must take the particular 'Subject-area tests', based on the subjects that you want to teach.

    The above-mentioned list will help you gain insight into the different sections of the test, thereby helping you to analyze the nature of the MTTC.

  • Multiple-choice questions:

    As you proceed with learning about the MTTC Michigan, you will need to know the type of questions asked in the test. This too is an important part of your MTTC checklist. In the examination, you will primarily have to solve multiple-choice questions. Each question will be followed by 4 or 5 answer options and all you will have to do is select the correct one.

  • Performance assignments:

    These questions are a unique feature of the language 'Subject-area tests' of the MTTC Michigan. These questions are in the form of a prompt, which you have to study and then write a response to it. The prompt might be a question or a picture or a graph or even a diagram. The response that you write should be in the form of an essay. This aspect is an important part of your checklist, because it will help understand the objective of the language tests of the MTTC battery.

  • Duration of the examination:

    Finally, you will need to know the length of MTTC Michigan so that you can understand the time constraints under which you will have to take the test. The time allotted for each part of the test will depend on the number of questions that you have to solve and their difficulty level. However, on an average you will take about 5 hours to complete both parts of the examination.

The above-mentioned checklist will help you with your MTTC preparation and also help you understand the important aspects of the examination.

Links to Help You Further

It is essential that you have firsthand knowledge of the various aspects of the MTTC Michigan, before you take the examination. The following links will help you with this:

These are links to the official website and you should study them well to understand the nuances of the MTTC test battery.

Remember that...

The MTTC Michigan is an examination that is like a springboard to help you begin a career. Hence, the questions asked in the examination will be quite detailed. So, prepare well before you take the test and the first step towards proper preparation would be to study the checklist given in the first section of this article. After that, study the links mentioned and you will find that you have a thorough knowledge of the examination.

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