Tutoring for MTEL

How to Choose a Good MTEL Tutorial Centre?

If you reside in the State of Massachusetts and wish to pursue a career in the teaching field, then the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) is the mandatory cross-over in order to be conferred with a teaching license. MTEL test is conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to evaluate future teachers who aspire to teach prekindergarten to grade 12 students. The test is designed to evaluate your knowledge in the chosen subject in addition to your teaching & communication skills with students, parents, guardians and co-faculty. To achieve success and be rewarded with an educator's license, you need exceptionally good tutoring for MTEL.

Preparing for MTEL Tutoring

The test gauges the aspirant's understanding & subject knowledge expertise alongside strong communication skills in order to be rewarded with the Massachusetts teacher's License. The test is based on objectives and reference criteria that aim to judge the abilities of a candidate to teach by means of reading, writing and literacy skill tests. However, to taste success and undergo the right preparation, you must have a deep understanding of the test.

  1. The test is of four types which are further classified into the following subtests:

    • Communications and Literacy Skills Test
    • Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
    • Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
    • Adult Basic Education Test
  2. The test takes you through a set of multiple-choice with four options to choose from and open response questions which need to be answered in essay format.

  3. Efficient tutoring must be in line with the subject matter subtest you will be taking.

  4. The duration of each subject matter subtest is 4 hours.

  5. Grab all the necessary information from the test website www.mtel.nesinc.com about:

    • Selection of Subtests
    • Choosing a suitable date for taking the test
    • Opting for an ideal test centre
    • Cost of the test
    • The test website offers a pool of resources for your study at no incurred costs.

How to Choose a Good MTEL Tutoring Centre

  1. First and foremost, you must make sure that the tutors are well experienced.

  2. The faculty should possess strong MTEL preparatory skills in addition to subject expertise. Please note that "book/subject knowledge" is not the only skillset of a successful teacher.

  3. Expansive Practice tests with explanatory sessions.

  4. Availability of MTEL specific study tools and resources.

  5. Expert guidance in all aspects of the test.

Official MTEL Tutoring Centre

The Massachusetts Higher Education institutions offer a diverse range of preparatory courses to help the candidate for test preparation. The list is available on the official website of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education http://www.doe.mass.edu/mtel/tprep_courses.html. However, to get the latest information, updated costs and details for specific courses, you may contact the mentioned institutions directly.

Review of MTEL Tutoring Centres

  1. MassTeachTest.com: Their efficient tutoring has witnessed more than 1000 Teachers being rewarded with the teaching license in the state of Massachusetts. The varied programs cover all the aspects of the test categories and students can choose the programs based on their desired subjects. Visit the link to know about the centre, programs and respective costs: http://www.massteachertest.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=3

  2. UMASS AMHERST School of Education: These are exclusive workshops designed for the candidates appearing for the exam with an option to choose from morning, evening and weekend batches of training formats. http://www.umassulearn.net/programs/professional-development/preparation-workshops-for-the-ma-test-for-educator-licensure-mtel

  3. Prep Forward: They are a group of experienced teaching professionals working with an aim to support the future tutors in their quest to become licensed educators. With the varied online programs available, you may choose the right one that suits your needs. http://www.prepforward.com/programs/mtel/

  4. A multitude of Universities all across USA offer programs in conjunction to the varied subject matter subtests. You may contact the desired Universities in order to check for the availability of your desired preparatory course:

    1. Bridgewater State University: http://www.bridgew.edu/educationaloutreach/mtel/

    2. Lesley University: http://www.lesley.edu/PageTemplate.aspx?id=2816

    3. Salem State University: http://www.salemstate.edu/mtel/

Efficient tutoring for MTEL helps you get certified as a teacher by securing good scores in the test. This certification will help you to enhance the language and subject knowledge of all your students.