MTEL Testing

Utility of MTEL Testing

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) was formulated by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This initiative was evoked in 1998 for educators seeking a licence to teach students from prekindergarten to grade 12. The ideology behind MTEL testing was to ensure that the future educationalists are subject matter experts in their chosen field and efficient enough to communicate with the students, parents, guardians and their co-instructors. MTEL testing took a wider perspective in November 2004 when additional tests were incorporated for candidates seeking licenses for vocational technical and adult basic education.

MTEL testing is an evaluation test to judge the educator's communication and literacy skills with comprehensive reading and precise writing skills alongside thorough subject expertise. The test constitutes multiple-choice and open-ended questions where the candidate must answer in the form of problem-solving or an essay. Language tests other than English involve tests like efficient listening, effective and clear writing, fluent communication and reading comprehensions.

Vital MTEL Testing Facts

  1. The MTEL testing is conducted to judge the subject knowledge attained by the candidate in accordance to the pre-established standards.

  2. The structure of the MTEL testing is such that every area of knowledge is judged.

  3. An objective also recognized as statements of knowledge is tested and validated within each sub test by the Massachusetts educators comprising of faculty governing the higher education, vocational technical teachers, adult basic education teachers and other professionals aligned with the Massachusetts licensure regulations.

  4. MTEL Testing Licensure Test Requirements;

    1. Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
      • Communication and Literacy Skills test (01)
      • Any relevant Academic (PreK–12) subject matter test(s)

      Follow the link for more information:

    2. Preliminary Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
      • Written and performance subject matter test
      • Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test (91) or Communication and Literacy Skills test (01)

      Please note that there are additional licenses conferred on candidates upon clearing the specific tests. For complete guidance, follow the link,

    3. Provisional/ Professional Adult Basic Education Test
      • Communication and Literacy Skills test (01)
      • Adult Basic Education subject matter test (55)
  5. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the test objectives of the MTEL testing before you take the tests. You may follow the link for more information before you take the test.

    The underlying fact: There might be questions that may or may not be evaluated for scoring in the test. They are asked to judge the candidate's abilities.

  6. It is a computer-based test and can be taken upon appointment all year long on all days of the week except Sunday and few public Holidays. To know more about the MTEL testing dates, you may follow the link:

  7. The test can be taken at Pearson professional Centres throughout the United States & its territories, Canada including Massachusetts. To know more about the MTEL testing Centres, you may follow the link:

  8. MTEL Testing Fees: For detailed information about the test fees and payment policies, you may visit the link

  9. Register for MTEL Testing: You may click on the link "Register Now" on the MTEL website to register for the test. Follow the link for more information:

  10. Duration of the MTEL testing: In addition to the 4 hours of the allotted time for each sub-test, 15 minutes is given to complete the tutorial and sign a non-disclosure agreement. For more information, you may follow the link:

  11. Preparing for the MTEL Testing: Massachusetts Higher Education Institutions offers a multitude of test preparatory courses. The details are available on the official website of the department of Elementary and Secondary Educations. You may follow the link:

  12. Information Booklets on MTEL Testing: Each booklet is designed with the required information about the test content, sample questions in multiple-choice format, sample open-response questions. It also includes varied tips and strategies to prepare you before taking the test. You may follow the link for more guidance:

  13. Practice for the MTEL Testing: The official MTEL website is equipped with many downloadable practice tests at no cost in aid to help the candidates during their preparations. These include full-length sample tests along with answer key and relative worksheet, sample responses to open-response questions, scoring rubrics and a test score calculation worksheet for practice. You may follow the link:

  14. CBT Tutorials: For a virtual experience and acquaintance of the test at the Pearson professional centre, the MTEL website offers CBT tutorials. You may follow the link:

  15. MTEL testing Scores: You may access your score report on the date online listed on the listed in "Test Date" of the MTEL website. The score reports are available for 45 days. You may follow the link

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