MTEL Test Preparation

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for MTEL

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL), governed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is conducted to provide a teaching license to aspiring candidates who inspire to train students from prekindergarten to grade 12. A successful educator is one who possesses thorough subject knowledge in addition to strong communication skills. An aspirant with an adequate MTEL test preparation can taste success and be conferred with a licensure, without which pursuing a teaching profession in the State of Massachusetts is difficult.

Preparing For the MTEL Test

A successfully planned MTEL test preparation involves dedicating long hours of study on a continual basis alongside brushing up of communication skills. Candidates are adjudged based on their subject expertise and language skills by means of comprehensive reading, crisp writing and clear speech. MTEL is a computer-based test grounded on objectives and reference criteria that aim to measure a candidate's potential to impart subject matter and proficiently communicate with students, parents, guardians and their co-faculty.

The MTEL test is of four types which are further divided into subject matter subtests namely;

  1. Communications and Literacy Skills Test
  2. Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
  3. Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
  4. Adult Basic Education Test

5 Essential Know-Hows of MTEL Test Preparation

The MTEL test is all about fine-tuning of the knowledge and communication skills that you will be assessed in. In order to design a rewarding prep plan, a candidate should have a complete understanding of the MTEL test. The website offers a pool of study resources at no cost whatsoever, thereby benefitting the aspiring candidate immeasurably.

  1. Test Objectives: After registering and scheduling a date for the test, the most important step is to familiarize yourself with the associated test objectives. It doesn't stop here. In addition to knowing the test objectives, a detailed insight into the test content is also essential for MTEL test preparation. The test objectives are uploaded on the website in a very user-friendly version of PDF. To get a complete list of MTEL test objectives you may follow the link-

  2. Information Booklets: As mentioned above, knowing a detailed picture of the test content and structure & format of the test is another essential feature. This is where the Information booklets can be immensely helpful. These booklets also include proven strategies for a successful MTEL test preparation. The candidate is also given an opportunity to practice on the sample tests questions that come along with rationales, answer key and effective responses. You may follow the link for more information -

  3. Practice Tests: Practice tests not only give the candidate a steady overview of what can be expected on the day of the test but also help in adequate MTEL test preparation. In addition to this, they also help the candidate to improvise on the weaknesses by showing one's standing. However, it is strongly recommended that you take the practice tests as you would take the actual test and limit the duration of the test time to 4 hours only. You may follow the link for more information:

  4. CBT Tutorials: These are computer-based test tutorials which give you a virtual feeling of the MTEL test to be taken at a Pearson Professional Centre. A seven-minute video takes you through the view of a test room thereby giving you an understanding of the centre and the test well ahead in time. You can also experience the fundamentals of MTEL test preparation like using an on-screen calculator, entering special characters and typing in an essay box. You may download your Interactive CBT tutorial from:

  5. Test Preparation Video: The test website is your best friend. For an effective MTEL test preparation, it is recommended that you thoroughly go through the test preparation video. It is designed to assist you during the study by providing established strategies and tips to ace the test. The video tells you how to use the diverse study tools available on the MTEL website. You may follow the link for the video tour -


Referring the MTEL website is the most significant factor of the exam as it drives the candidate towards meticulous MTEL test preparation. The website includes all the guidelines you need to know about MTEL. The Faculty Guide page on the website provides important guidelines such as Study Outline Chart, Developing a Study Plan, Test-Taking Strategies. Dedication of ample study time, hard work & use of preparatory study tools along with and a well-defined plan for MTEL test preparation will help you achieve the success of being conferred with an educator's licensure.

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