MTEL Test Preparation

Who has ever achieved success without having to sweat for it? The answer obviously is - nobody. No one can claim that he has met with success without having to raise a finger. Success comes only to those who toil for it. This hard work can either be physical or mental effort, or a combination of both. Similarly, success in passing the MTEL requires a combination of planning acumen and physical hard work like putting in hours of study on a daily basis.

Confidence in Oneself on the Test Day

Taking MTEL involves undue apprehension and nervousness for test-takers who are not well prepared for taking MTEL. Want of adequate preparation has often led to the unfortunate outcome of not being able to achieve one’s aim, which in this case would be the grant of an educator licence for the state of Massachusetts.  On the other hand, test-takers who have spent time in preparing for MTEL are always confident on the day of the test leading to sure success in the test. Good preparation for taking MTEL will lead to confidence on the test day owing to the following factors which are the outcome of a dedicated study routine and a well planned preparation schedule:

  • Fine-tuning of skills being evaluated: A prep plan that helps you to learn about the skills being assessed by MTEL will prove to be very useful in the long run. Such a prep plan will help you in planning your study in such a way that you are able to fine-tune the skills that are being assessed by MTEL.  If you are confident of your skill levels, then it is natural for you to brim with confidence on the test day.
  • Knowing what to expect: Spending time in understanding the test format will help you to understand the different types of questions that will be asked. An understanding of the test format ensures that you are well aware of the number of test sections, the types of questions that will be asked, how the questions will be scored and the minimum scores that need to be achieved by you in order to pass the MTEL. As you will be aware of what to expect on the test day, you will not be jittery and nor will you have any anxiety regarding what will be presented to you on the test day.
  • Correct procedure for answering questions: You must have heard time and again that practice is the key to success. A prep plan that includes adequate practice in problem solving will increase your chances of scoring high in MTEL as you will be aware of the correct method for responding to questions so as to answer maximum number of questions correctly. Knowledge of the fact that you are well prepared to answer questions correctly serves to improve your self confidence on the test day.
  • Knowledge of the subject matter: A meticulous prep plan will definitely include a thorough study of the subject matter that forms part of the MTEL test content. All other aspects of MTEL preparation are of no consequence if you are not confident of your knowledge of the subject matter. Hence, sustained efforts to review the test content will stand you in good stead as you will be well aware of the basics of the subject matter that you are being tested for.


Methods to Attain This Confidence

It is one thing to know the advantages of being confident on the test day, but mastering the art of gaining this confidence is another ball game altogether. At the same time, we have seen the positive consequences of a well planned prep plan, but the method for working out such a plan still needs to be seen. There are various methods that one can utilize for preparing for MTEL. Despite the variety of available methods, you need to spend time in analyzing your requirements before choosing a certain method for MTEL prep. The method employed by you should be specifically suited to your personal needs. Here is a list of available options for preparing for MTEL.

  • Self study: You can prepare for MTEL by carrying out self study and not taking the assistance of any other resources like tutors and classes. This method will be suitable for you if you

-  are confident of your knowledge of the test content
-  have easy access to the internet and you can easily look up queries regarding the MTEL test format from its official website
-  have access to study guides and addresses of websites that contain practice tests with detailed explanations for the correct answers
-  do not need any external motivation to dedicate time for study on a daily basis

  • Prep classes: Attending prep classes is one of the best methods for preparing for MTEL. You can sign up for prep classes if you

-  can spare time for attending the classes
-  are living close to the area where the classes are being conducted
-  can afford the registration fees
-  do not have any problems studying in a group

  • Online courses: The widespread reach of internet has made it possible to prepare for MTEL by attending online prep courses. You can pick up such a course if you

-  have an internet connection and a computer at home
-  cannot attend regular prep classed due to lack of time
-  are unable to afford regular prep classes
-  will be able to study for MTEL with little assistance
-  feel that you do not need a one-to-one interaction with a tutor

  • Group study: Forming a study group with others who are also taking the MTEL is a good way to prepare for MTEL as you will benefit from each other’s knowledge, experience as well as mistakes. This would be a good prep option for you if you

-  feel that none of the other prep methods suits your requirements
-  are comfortable studying in a group
-  get along well with the others in terms of the study aspects like the time for study, place for studying and content to be covered
-   are giving the same MTEL tests as the others in your group

Manage your Time

Managing your time is one of most important aspects of preparing for MTEL. You cannot pass the MTEL test by cramming facts, figures and formulae at the last moment. MTEL is a test of your skills and knowledge that cannot be developed overnight. Calculate the time you have at hand for preparing for MTEL, keeping in mind the MTEL test date. Identify the MTEL prep method that would be the best for you in view of the time at hand. For instance, do not enrol for an MTEL prep course months before the test date and neither should you attend prep classes till the day just before the test date. If at all, you attend a prep course, it should finish it at such a time that you have a week or so to recapitulate whatever you have learnt during the prep course. Therefore, carefully plan out your prep schedule so as to utilize the available time in the best possible way.

Keep your Aim in Sight

Do not forget that MTEL needs to be cleared for earning an educator license that will certify you to teach certain academic subjects. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you have a good knowledge of the subject matter and you possess the necessary skills that are required of an educator. Your aim is to polish your skills and knowledge of the level expected of an educator in the state of Massachusetts and then only will you be able to pass the MTEL tests. Do not let go of this aim from your sight and plan your MTEL preparation accordingly!

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