MTEL Test Dates

When Should You Take the MTEL?

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education designed the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) for teachers and educational professionals in the quest to endow them with a license to teach students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12, vocational technical programs, as well as for adult basic education. The exam takes place on pre-specified MTEL test dates. The MTEL test ensures the credibility of future educationalists as subject matter experts in subjects and their proficiency in communicating with students, parents, guardians and their co-educators. MTEL expanded its horizons in November 2004 where additional tests were formulated for candidates seeking licenses for vocational technical and adult basic education.

The MTEL is an evaluation test to measure the candidate's communication and knowledge skills with comprehensive reading and precise writing skills in conjunction with thorough subject expertise. To effectively take the MTEL test, it is important that you find out about the MTEL test dates much in advance.

How to Give the MTEL Test?

Adequate preparation for the MTEL exam well ahead of the MTEL test dates can be done by following the official website of MTEL at

The first step is to create an account online with MTEL by clicking on the Register Now option. Please note that you will need your Social Security Number to register for the test. In case of non-availability of the same, you can request for an identification number from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A request can be made by sending an email to For a complete checklist on the registration, you may visit the following link, which is is the vital aid that gives you a step-by-step guidance for registering to take the test,

When Should You Take the MTEL?

Whilst deciding on the MTEL test dates, bear in mind the subjects you want to appear for. The duration of the MTEL test is 4 hours for each subtest. The test constitutes of multiple-choice and open-response questions where you are required to answer in the essay or problem-solving format. Language tests other than English involve tests like efficient listening, effective and clear writing, fluent communication and reading comprehensions. Thus, before you decide to appear for MTEL, make sure that you have understood the requirements of the exam.

MTEL Test Dates

The MTEL is a computer-based test and MTEL test dates can be decided by requesting for an appointment any time of the year, on all days of the week except Sunday and few public Holidays. Based on your convenience and availability, you can choose the MTEL test dates, test centre and time to take the exam. However, the choice for these may not be as simple. There can be various things you might need to consider while deciding MTEL test dates. To know more about the MTEL testing dates, you may follow the link:

Factors that Govern MTEL Test Dates

  • The MTEL test dates can be decided anytime you are ready to take the test. However, it can be taken only upon appointment.

  • Duration of each subtest is 4 hours.

  • Selection of Subtests: You may take one or both subtests in a single test field. However, if you register for both in one registration, then it will be administered in a single four hour test.

  • In order to attempt a subtest for the complete 4 hours, it is advisable that you schedule each of the subtests separately on different days. This enables you to spend complete 4 hours on each of the subtest.

  • The computer-based testing fee and registration fee are charged for each test appointment; however, the costs are automatically lowered if both subtests are taken under one registration.

  • Registration for the computer-based testing is available only on the official website of the MTEL. Click on the Register Now option. You may follow the link:

  • Be an Early Bird: Registration for the test on your desired MTEL test dates should be done as early as possible, to avoid last minute hurdles and to avoid disappointment in not getting a centre of your choice.

  • Test Centre: To locate a test centre of your choice, you may follow the link

  • Seat Availability: To schedule for the desired test, you may follow the link Please note that you will be required to select the language for taking all the exams.

One important fact that you must remember is that scheduling for your desired MTEL test dates should be carried out well in advance. You may not be able to register for the test prior to three days of the MTEL test dates. Hence, the sooner you register for your test, the better. This not only gives the candidate adequate time for preparation of the test but also keeps the candidate on his toes.

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