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How to Select an MTEL Study Guide

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) is conducted to reward educators seeking the teaching license to teach students of prekindergarten to grade 12. The test is governed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and aims to judge a candidate's adeptness in communication with students, parents, guardians and their co-tutors. The test evaluates the communication, writing and reading skills of the candidate in addition to the candidate's subject matter expertise which can be improved using an MTEL study guide.

MTEL is not an arduous test but involves a substantial amount of dedication, hard work in addition to reading, writing and speech adroitness alongside strong subject knowledge. However, under the guidance of MTEL study guide, the preparatory study becomes a cake walk.

Four categories which are further divided into subareas comprise the MTEL test:

  1. Communications and Literacy Skills Test
  2. Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
  3. Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
  4. Adult Basic Education Test

Preparing For MTEL

The official test website is your bible for the test. Follow it ardently as it has a pool of resources to offer at no cost for the benefit of the candidates. You will find the:

  • Test Objectives that help you familiarize with the test content. A run through of the test objectives aids the candidates to outline their study schedule as per the teaching license sought for the registered subject(s). You may follow the link:

  • The subject-wise information booklet is your official MTEL study guide. It encompasses comprehensive structure and format of the test. It includes the test content in addition to tips & strategies along, sample tests questions, answer key responses that ease MTEL preparations. You may follow the link-

  • The practice tests that play an eminent role during the prep study alongside the MTEL study guide. You can inevitably know your strengths & weaknesses and thereby improve yourself accordingly:

  • The computer-based tutorials provide a virtual feeling of the MTEL test that can be taken at a Pearson Professional Centre via a seven-minute video tour. It helps one to experience using an on-screen calculator, entering special characters and typing in an essay box. To download the Interactive CBT tutorial, click:

  • Test Preparation Video, another form of MTEL study guide that assists a candidate with proven strategies to excel in the test. You may follow the link to have a sneak peek of the video tour -

Reviews of various MTEL Study Guides

An MTEL study guide is designed based on the established standards of the Massachusetts Department of Education and test specifications. Scoring well in the MTEL test doesn't only help you get the certified teaching license for the desired subjects but also helps you build your career. Since the MTEL test comprises of varied subjects, there is a diverse range of MTEL study guide that is available in the market.

MTEL study guide developed by author Mary Desouza is equipped with practice questions, chapter wise topics for comprehensive understanding, explanations and justifications in addition to quizzes and rationales, thereby, ensuring the candidate is adequately prepared for the test.

  1. MTEL Math 03: Prepare for the New General Curriculum Subtest
  2. MTEL 47 Math: Middle School Math MTEL Preparation

MTEL study guide developed by authors Gail Rae, Ann Jenson-Wilson, Bernadette Brick and Brian Walsh comprises of chapter drills and answer explanations to reinforce the skills required to ace the test. They are also equipped with practice tests that replicate the exam in addition to test-taking tips. Some of their books are:

  1. The Best Test Prep for the MTEL (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure): Communication and Literacy Skills.
  2. (MTEL Teacher Certification Test Prep for MTEL Communication & Literacy (Field 01) with online practice test 8th Ed. And MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills Test (Field 01)

MTEL study guide by author Sharon Wynne is again formulated with a view to provide optimum guidance to the candidates. Some of the books are:

  1. MTEL Foundations of Reading 90 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide (XAM MTEL)
  2. MTEL Early Childhood 02 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide (XAM MTTC)
  3. MTEL Biology 13 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide (XAM MTEL)

In addition to the diverse pool of resources offered by MTEL, the Massachusetts higher education institutions ( make available an ingenious list of test preparation courses as outlined by the test objectives. However, it is strongly advisable to contact the institutions for schedules and costs pertaining to the desired course.

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