MTEL Scores

How are MTEL Scores Used?

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education formulated the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) to evaluate educators seeking a teaching license to teach students of prekindergarten to grade 12. The scores of this test are obtained upon evaluating the candidate's subject expertise and communication proficiency with students, parents, guardians and their co-tutors. This test is an assortment of subtests in diverse subjects based on the license you intend to seek.

Candidates are judged for their scores in MTEL on the basis of their skills and abilities in clear communication, precise writing and comprehensive reading alongside thorough subject knowledge. The test is classified into four types which are further divided into subareas:

  1. Communications and Literacy Skills Test
  2. Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
  3. Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
  4. Adult Basic Education Test

Facts about MTEL Scores

  • MTEL is a computer-based aptitude test and can be taken all through the year, on all days except Sunday and Public Holidays.

  • The test can be taken in 225 Pearson professional centres throughout USA, its territories in addition to 30 International test centres including Canada and Mexico. The complete list can be obtained for the official test website or you may follow the link:

  • The test can be retaken after 60 days for the same test/subject.

  • Scores reports can be accessed for 45 days on the website on the score report date listed. However, English and History scores are available within five weeks of the test date. Follow the link for knowing the Test dates:

  • The Computer-based Testing score report dates for MTEL can be accessed through the link available in PDF version :

  • Scores are your test results for the MTEL licensure exam that you underwent for the sought subject.

  • MTEL scores indicate:
    1. Whether the candidate has met the qualifying passing mark
    2. Total scores if the candidate does not achieve the qualifying pass score
    3. General performance in each sub-test

  • MTEL Scores are reported to:
    1. The Candidate
    2. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    3. Institutions indicated while registering for the test
  • MTEL Test Format: The MTEL test takes you through a set of multiple-choice questions and a minimum of one open-response question. Each sub-test has its own qualifying pass score set on the standards established the by Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  • Scaled MTEL Scores: Test scores are converted to a common scale of reporting scores that range from 100 to 300. A candidate is required to achieve a minimum pass score of 240 or higher to pass the test.

  • Explanation of MTEL Scores: The official test website offers a complete guidance on the test scores and format of scoring. You may follow the link for more information:

  • Additional MTEL Scores: To obtain the additional report at a later date, you may follow the link to download the application form to be mailed to MTEL:

  • Validity of MTEL Scores: The test scores do not have an expiry date. A candidate should have passed the desired MTEL subject Subtest at least once to qualify for the license.

Significance of MTEL Scores

To take up a career in the field of education in the state of Massachusetts, every educator needs to fulfil the requisite abilities and qualifications in addition to the MTEL test.  Scores of MTEL are a mandatory and foremost criteria required to obtain an educator's license. Without a license, the candidate’s chances of a candidate being employed in schools and other educational institutions are jeopardised. In addition to the above-mentioned facts, you need to have a complete know-how about the requirements for grant of an educator's license. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education optimized these requirements on their website with an aid to help the candidates be adequately prepared well ahead of the test.

You must remember that the official test website is your most important destination for obtaining exceptional test scores. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to take complete guidance from the pool of resources offered by the official website and work on a prep plan that will lead to you to ace the test and achieve good scores.