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How to Score High in MTEL

The procurement of a teaching license is the foremost requisite for an educational professional to be able to teach the students of prekindergarten to grade 12. In order to take up a career in the teaching profession, one needs to fulfil the desired requirements predefined by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The state of Massachusetts thereby formulated the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) exam in which obtaining a good MTEL score became a mandate, failure of which the candidate would not be permitted to practice.

The test is not a gruelling one but one that judges the credentials of a candidate on the basis of mastering the subject and communication proficiency with students, parents, guardians and their co-tutors. The MTEL exam takes the candidate through a mixed bag of subtests in diverse subjects for the license sought. Clear communication, precise writing and comprehensive reading skills alongside thorough subject acquaintance form the base of a good MTEL score.

Passing the exam and obtaining a good MTEL score clears the pathway of hurdles for a candidate in order to be rewarded with an educator's license.

10 Steps to Achieving a High MTEL Score

  1. To Find the Requirements for Educator License Grant: In order to appear for the test, you need to find out about the requirements of the test. For complete information on the eligibility criteria and the essential tests to be taken, follow the website of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

  2. MTEL Exam Types: The MTEL test is classified into four types which are further divided into subtests:

    • Communications and Literacy Skills Test
    • Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
    • Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
    • Adult Basic Education Test
  3. Test Duration: The duration of each subtest is 4 hours.

  4. Identification of the Subtests: Selection of the subtests for the license sought is to be done at the time of registration for the MTEL exam. To be guided thoroughly on the diverse subtests and pertaining instructions, you may follow the link:

  5. Aim for a Good MTEL Score: Be adequately prepared well ahead in time for the MTEL exam and to achieve a good MTEL score, it is essential to aim high. Follow the official test website and familiarize yourself with the credentials of the MTEL exam. Aiming for a high score accelerates your preparatory study and boosts one's confidence.

  6. MTEL Test Centre: The MTEL test can be taken in 225 Pearson professional centres throughout USA, its territories in addition to 30 International test centres including Canada and Mexico. You may follow the link to get a complete list:

  7. MTEL Score Evaluation: MTEL score indicates whether you have secured the qualifying pass mark and general performance in the subtest.

  8. MTEL Scoring System: The computer-based test takes you through a set of multiple-choice and open-response questions. MTEL score is converted to a common scale of reporting the scores and ranges from 100 to 300. However, the minimum pass score for a candidate to achieve is 240 or higher. The passing score does not have an expiry date but it plays a significant role in designing the scorecard.

  9. MTEL Score Report: The candidate's MTEL score report is sent to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, to the candidate and the institutions mentioned at the time of registration. MTEL score reports can be accessed for 45 days on the website on the score report date listed. However, English and History scores are available within five weeks of the test date:

  10. Additional MTEL Score Report: To request for an additional MTEL score report, you may download the application form and mail to MTEL

The official test website is equipped with all the necessary information about the MTEL score reports, score explanation and more. Preparing adequately well ahead in time for the exam not only will help you to achieve a good MTEL score but also provides scope for improvisation. Craft a preparatory plan by following the above steps and surely there would be no turning back. All the best!

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