MTEL Review

How to Study Effectively from an MTEL Book?

Just holding an MTEL book in hand cannot make your test preparation effective. It is the right usage of the book that matters towards healthy test prep. Five important reminders for effective use of an MTEL study guide are described below:

Trust Your Source Book

Before buying a review book for MTEL, you need to put in adequate time and effort towards the process of choosing an effective book. However, once your decision is made and the book is purchased, re-thinking about your choice of book needs to be avoided. Regretting or blaming your selection of the study guide distracts your focus towards test preparation. As a test taker, when you do not trust the effectiveness of a study guide, it is difficult to gain a grounding to follow the book. Such test takers tend to refer several study resources every now and then. As a result, most of their precious study time gets wasted in empty searching. Therefore, it is important to trust the study book that you follow in order to sustain a constant motivation towards your test preparation.

Understand the Book Structure

It is a good practice to graze through the book superficially once or twice before you begin your actual study. This helps you to understand how the book is structured. For example, each chapter in most books explains the review content first followed by revision or summary of the review, solved sample questions and at last, the practice questions. An understanding of this sequence may help you in allotting time to cover each part of the chapter wisely. Also, some books may include individual practice tests towards the end of the book instead of at the end of each chapter. When you are aware of such details about the book, you will know exactly where to search for specific information in the book. In addition, you can save time by skipping those parts of the book which are not relevant to your test, when you are aware of such areas in the book in advance.

Combine the Use of Study Aids

Some candidates prefer to use additional study aids along with the test prep books. Taking notes of important points in a handy note pad, for instance, may increase the effectiveness of test preparation for some test takers. Similarly, reading out the test content aloud and recording in a tape to listen to it later may be of help to a few others. Therefore, if such simple additional tools can make your study easier, it is good to combine them along with your study book of MTEL.

Solve Practice Questions Without the Help of Answer Keys

As most of the study books have answer keys to the practice questions, you may be tempted to peep into the answers if you are unable to choose the answer at the first glance of the question. However, you must realize that this is not a good practice. Review books of MTEL contain practice questions for the sole purpose of making you skillful in understanding the question and applying your subject knowledge to choose the right answer option. Answer keys are provided only for the purpose of cross-checking your answer against the right answer. Hence, the more you practice to solve the questions without help, the better it is for your test preparation.

Take the Full-Length Tests Seriously

In general, most review books of MTEL include one or more full-length practice tests. These tests are designed in the form of time-based tests to give you the experience of the actual exam. However, some test takers tend to overlook the importance of attempting the test within the specified time. They either solve the test in parts instead of taking the full test at one time or do not take the time factor of the test into consideration. You must remember to avoid such mistakes and consider the full-length tests provided in the study books seriously without ignoring their significance.

Popular MTEL Study Books for the General Curriculum Test

Below is a list of a few popular MTEL resource books for the General Curriculum Test:

  1. The Best Test Preparation for the MTEL: MTEL General Curriculum Field 03 by Staff of Research and Education Association is one of the widely used study books for the MTEL General Curriculum test.

  2. MTEL General Curriculum (Field 03) by Audrey Friedman includes two full-length practice exams and a customized study schedule. Automatic scoring of the test and detailed answer keys are provided as well.

  3. MTEL General Curriculum 03: Teacher Certification Exam by Sharon A. Wynne covers reviews of the General Curriculum subtest contents effectively.

The points mentioned in this article can be applied to all test books, that is, to MTEL books of all subject tests. Keeping in mind such simple study tips can improve the effectiveness of your test preparation to several folds.