MTEL Preparation

What to Avoid While Preparing for MTEL

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) is conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to reward aspiring and progressive teachers with an educator's license. A teaching professional who aspires to train students from prekindergarten to grade 12 in the state of Massachusetts is required to go through the MTEL test to obtain a license to teach. An efficient MTEL preparation demands thorough subject knowledge in addition to strong communication skills.

MTEL Preparation

A successfully planned MTEL preparation encompasses long hours of study time and brushing up of communication & literacy skills. Candidates are evaluated by means of subject expertise and language skills through comprehensive reading, writing and speech tests. MTEL is a computer-based test grounded on objectives and reference criteria. It aims to measure the teaching abilities of a candidate by way being a subject matter expert and proficiently communicating with students, parents, guardians and their co-faculty.

Steps to Efficient MTEL Preparation

For an efficient MTEL preparation, the first and foremost need is to acquaint yourself with the test requirements.

  1. The MTEL test is of four types which are further divided into subject matter subtests namely;

    • Communications and Literacy Skills Test
    • Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests
    • Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test
    • Adult Basic Education Test
  2. In order to appear for the test, you first need to register with MTEL on the Register Now option and create an account online with MTEL on its official test website

  3. The MTEL test takes you through a set of multiple-choice with four options to choose from and open response questions which need to be answered in essay format. An efficient MTEL preparation must be in line with the subject matter subtest you will be taking.

  4. The duration of each subject matter subtest is 4 hours.

  5. Grab all the necessary information from the test website about:

    • Selection of Subtests
    • Choosing a suitable date for taking the test
    • Opting for an ideal test centre
    • Cost of the test
  6. The test website offers a pool of resources for your study at no incurred costs namely;

    • Test Objectives
    • Information Booklets
    • Downloadable Practice Tests
    • Computer-Based Test Tutorials
    • Test Preparation Video
    • Faculty Guide
    • Score Report Explanation
    • In addition to the above resources, candidates appearing for Maths subtest in the General Curriculum and Elementary Maths subject subtest are eligible for a 3-month subscription to the Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) software.

The official test website is your ideal guide to MTEL preparation. It not only provides a host of study tools but also keeps you updated with all the necessary information about the test. Conversely, the Massachusetts higher education institutions provide a diverse range of preparatory courses for the benefit of the candidates. You may visit their official website for information on the cost of the test, location of the institutions and more.

What to Avoid When Preparing for MTEL

  • The test demands efficiency in reading, writing and communication skills which involves brushing up of the subject knowledge and tuning the language. Do not be over-confident as it would leave your MTEL preparation jeopardized.

  • All MTEL tests may include questions that do not count towards the scores. Their presence is only to know your overall performance and subject knowledge. So, do not get confused.

  • You may register to take one or more subtests per test session. However, all subtests that you select during a single registration will be administered under one four-hour test session.

  • Please note that multiple registrations for subtests are possible upon additional fees.

  • Ensure that you select the correct subjects.

  • No changes can be made once the registration process is complete. If need be, you must withdraw and make a new registration.

  • There are legions of websites that offer practice tests and resources for your study. However, these are not officially declared and are no way close to what you will actually experience in the test. It is strongly advisable to follow the official test website for all your MTEL preparation needs.

  • Choose the right and ideal study guide for your MTEL preparation. You must make sure that it covers the complete test content and derivatives in accordance to the subject matter subtest you will be taking.

  • Avoid books with typo and grammatical errors. Read the reviews and grab the necessary information before deciding the apt study guide for your MTEL preparation.

  • Avoid study tools that swallow your entire time with multitude of pages without offering the necessary MTEL preparation.

  • Redundant content in a study book or guide only leads to “information overload”.

  • Do not enter the test room without two sets of sharpened pencil & eraser.

  • Do not stress & strain yourself before the test day.

Adequate MTEL preparation is that which encompasses dedicated hours of study, gaining through subject knowledge and fine tuning of communication and language skills. It is strongly recommended that you get plenty of sound sleep, have a good breakfast and then start towards your test center.

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