Help for MTEL

3 Methods for Preparing for MTEL

If you are new to MTEL, you have reached the right place. This article provides you an effective source of help for MTEL by describing important steps involved in the test's preparation as well as common methods of study for the exams.

MTEL test preparation can be viewed as a three-step process:

  • Understanding the Licensure Requirements
  • Registering for the MTEL Test
  • Preparing for the Test

Each step is described in detail below:

Understanding the Licensure Requirements

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure program is neither too difficult to pass nor too easy that it can be prepared for overnight. It indeed takes a considerable amount of time and effort to understand the process of obtaining the licensure. However, once you become familiar with the required information about the licenses and tests, it is definitely a simple task to begin your preparation for procuring the licensure.

Therefore, the best investment that you need to make in the beginning of your test preparation is to browse through every detail provided in the official websites of the test ( and In fact, these websites provide the most authentic help for the test. Understanding the complete licensure requirements must be your first step towards your preparation. For instance, if you aim for the Massachusetts teaching license in History, you must be able to answer questions such as:

  • What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for a History Educator license?
  • What are the documents that you need to submit to apply for the license?
  • What are the MTEL tests that you are required to pass?
  • How do you apply for the license?

When you are confident about having gained knowledge on licensure requirements, you are ready to focus on the next step; registration.

Registering for the MTEL Test

Now that you are sure of what you need to plan and act on, consider registering for the test at your earliest. In order to register for the test, you need to be aware of the following:

  • In which format is the test offered; computer-based or paper-based?
  • When can the test be taken and what are the deadlines for registration?
  • Where are the test centers located?
  • How to register for the test?
  • What are the documents required for test registration?

You may have other queries as well. Hence, list all such questions and find help through websites or test centers. It is a good practice to carry a handy notepad to mark important points such as test dates, deadlines, documents required etc.

Preparing for the Test

Test preparation is the area where you need to concentrate for the rest of the time until your test date. Depending upon your interest and convenience, you can choose one or more of the following three methods of test preparation:

  1. Study Books: By following a study prep book, you can maintain a sustained involvement in your test preparation. In general, study books provide reviews of test content as well as practice tests. Hence, you get access to both studying and practicing through a single source. MTEL prep books can be purchased at book stores or ordered online.

  2. Online Resources: Help for MTEL through online sources are abundant though it demands you to spend a considerable amount of time to collect study materials. You can avail the opportunity of solving several sample test questions for free. It can help you save money which otherwise you need to spend on prep books.

  3. Regular Classes: Some test takers prefer to attend regular MTEL study classes. Direct interaction with tutors and other test takers is a good way of increasing your interest and motivation towards test preparation.

To summarize, you need to put in your best efforts initially to understand about the licensing and testing requirements through several help sources. Test registration and effective test preparation are the next essential steps that you need to concentrate upon in order to obtain the desired license.