6 Things to Know About MTEL

MTEL, The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure is an assessment test conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to reward educational professionals with an educator's license. It is mandatory to take the exam of MTEL and attain the teaching license in order to train the students from prekindergarten to grade 12. Exhibiting one's subject expertise and being efficient in communication with students, parents, guardians and their co-faculty are the prerequisite skills needed to ace the exam.

Important Factors of the MTEL Exam

The MTEL exam judges candidates for their comprehensive reading skills, crisp writing and clear speech in addition to possessing strong subject knowledge. This exam is of four types namely;

  1. MTEL Exam for Communications and Literacy Skills Test:

    • It comprises of 2 subtests - Reading and Writing

    • The Reading Subtest takes you through multiple-choice questions that evaluate your knowledge of word meanings, phrases and more in addition to critical thinking skills.

    • The Writing Subtest consists of both multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of grammar, spellings, capitalization, punctuations, word-sentence building & more and open-response questions which comprise of summary and composition exercises.

  2. MTEL Exam for Academic (Prekindergarten to grade 12) Subject Matter Tests:

    • This exam refers to specific subject area for the license sought.

    • It comprises of both multiple-choice and open response questions.

    • The candidate is judged based on the subject expertise and skills required to master the subject.

    • The duration of each sub test is 4 hours.

  3. MTEL Exam for Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test:

    • It comprises of two subtests - Reading and Writing.

    • The test takes you through multiple-choice and open-response questions.

    • The test evaluates your comprehensive reading and precise writing skills.

  4. MTEL Exam for Adult Basic Education Test:

    • This test of the MTEL is content-based.

    • It covers English-language arts, mathematics, history, social sciences and science areas of subjects.

    • Multiple-choice and open-response questions for the test format.

One-Stop Guide for MTEL Exam

The thumb rule is to follow the official test website

  1. Register with MTEL: Create an account online with MTEL by clicking on the Register Now option. For a complete checklist and step-by-step guidance for registration to take the exam, you may follow the link-

    Please note that possessing a Social Security Number is essential to register for the test, however, in extreme cases of non-availability, a request for an identification number from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education can be made by sending an email to

  2. MTEL Test Selection: The duration of each subtest is 4 hours and you are required to make a selection of these subtests while registering to take the exam. You may follow the link for complete guidance on varied subtests and pertaining instructions.

  3. MTEL Test Dates: Computer-based testing (CBT) can be taken all through the year on all days except Sunday and Public Holidays. To check for availability of seats and to locate a test centre for the exam, you may follow the link-

  4. MTEL Re-test: The exam can be retaken only after a wait period of 60 days for the same test/subject.

  5. MTEL Exam Centres: More than 225 Pearson professional centres throughout USA, its territories along with 30 International test centres including Canada and Mexico are designated to take the computer-based test. Be an early bird to register at your desired choice of test centre and avoid last minute hurdles. For a complete list, you may follow:

  6. MTEL Exam Scoring & Passing Requirements: MTEL scores are converted to a common scale of reporting scores that range from 100 to 300. It is mandatory for a candidate to achieve a minimum pass score of 240 or higher to pass the test. Score reports can be accessed for 45 days on the website on the score report date listed. However, the scores for English and History will be available within five weeks of the test date. Refer the link for more details.

Importance of MTEL Exam

This exam is a computer-based aptitude test tuned in on objectives and reference benchmarks set by the state wide education reform initiative of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that aims to measure a candidate’s impending abilities to teach. By clearing the requisites of this exam, the teaching license is conferred to the educator, with which, the tutor becomes eligible to train prekindergarten to grade 12 students.