Importance of Studying from a Book for MTEL

By the time you fix your MTEL test appointment, you must be prepared to begin your test study prep as well. Test format and syllabus are available online, so you can get to know what exactly you need to study for the test. However, how do you begin your test preparation? Is it right to randomly browse for test topics through the internet and learn the test content from online sources? Is it necessary to buy an MTEL book and follow the test prep method given in the book? Is it worthy to enroll for MTEL classes conducted in your school or college?

It is common that several such questions bombard a test taker's mind until he/she decides on a mode of test preparation. This article can help you to a certain extent to gain clarity on this matter as it explains how a study book can help you towards an effective test preparation.

A Study Book Provides a Complete Test Prep Package

In general, study books contain review of test topics, practice tests, test tips and strategies and MTEL licensure and test details. Thus books serve as a complete test package for your test preparation. Most study guides provide practice questions at the end of each chapter. By solving such questions soon after reviewing the subject matter is an ideal way to revise the content. Hence, an MTEL book saves your time which otherwise you need to spend for collecting study materials from other sources.

MTEL Test Books Provide Full-Length Practice Tests

Full-length practice tests included in an MTEL book mimic the actual test with respect to test format and time duration. By solving these tests, you gain experience of test time management as well as understand the structure of test. Thus, timed practice tests help you to get familiar with the test subareas and objectives which in turn help you to save time during the exam without having to read and re-read test instructions and objectives in detail.

Test Prep Books Help You Sustain Focus Towards the Test

Maintaining a constant motivation and focus towards your test preparation is an important factor that determines how well you prepare for the test. Especially, if you have to attend a full-time study or work, it is difficult to allocate time towards studying for the test. For such people, an MTEL book may prove useful as it can be carried along with them to study test concepts during travel and free hours. Also, an organized sequence of chapters provided in study books make it easier for you to follow a proper test prep methodology, thus, helping you from getting lost in aimless and random test preparation.

A General Review of a Few MTEL Study Books

A few recommended MTEL books are reviewed below:

  1. MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills Test by Gail Rae & Co.:

    This book includes the following:

    • Comprehensive review chapters which cover the updated MTEL test syllabus
    • An online diagnostic exam
    • Three full-length practice tests

    The online diagnostic exam is designed for test takers to take it before they begin their test preparation in order to identify their strong and weak subject areas.

  2. MTEL Math 03: Prepare For the New General Curriculum Subtest by Mary Desouza:

    This MTEL book consists of:

    • More than 50 lessons
    • 600 practice questions
    • 2 comprehensive sample tests

    Detailed explanations of the test content included in this book provide an effective source of test preparation for the MTEL Math subtest.

  3. MTEL Foundations of Reading 90 by Sharon Wynne:

    The book contains:

    • Essential skills and competencies required for the MTEL Foundations of Reading test
    • 125 sample test questions

    Everything that you need to learn for the test including the test structure and strategies are provided in study books. Thus, the importance of using a study book for the MTEL test preparation cannot be overlooked. It is convenient in several ways to have a reliable test book at your side during studying for the test.

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