The Princeton Review Preparation Courses for MCAT


The study of medical science requires you to have a thorough knowledge of the medical concepts science concepts, which are mandatory requirements for medical college courses. Along with science and medical concepts, you need to have a zeal for verbal reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking. It is in this regard that preparation courses for MCAT become very important. One such preparation course is TPR MCAT. TPR MCAT or The Princeton Review MCAT provides you one of the best courses in USA and elsewhere. It is guided by certain standing principles. Such principles are:

  • You will get courses based on your needs and learning style.
  • You can buy the preparation courses without the worry of failure as it guarantees high scores in MCAT.
  • You can have the opportunity to learn under the care and supervision of expert and seasoned tutors, trained rigorously to be eligible to teach at TPR MCAT.

What Prep Courses Does TPR MCAT Have to Offer?

TPR MCAT provides you both classroom course and online courses for your own convenience in the test preparation. These courses have flexible class hours, which helps you in adjusting your prep schedule according to the classroom timings. Moreover, you get to deal with the best faculty and fellow competitors in these preparation courses. This gives you the feeling and experience of contesting for the limited number of seats in the medical colleges. In this test, you shall receive ample study resources and proficient tutoring, which assists you in understanding the exam from its core and be efficient in taking the test. In the following headings, let us discuss about the courses offered by TPR MCAT.

The MCAT Courses in Princeton Review:

You have many preparation options open for you. Choose one that is suitable for you and then register yourself for the preparation courses. The following headings are the preparation courses offered in TPR MCAT.

Private Tutoring:

This is a classroom course, which includes more than 48 hours of tutoring and preparation tutoring from the most elite group of the teachers. Private Tutoring is an option based on your needs and learning style goals and schedule. It has the most prominent level of flexible classroom timings among the other courses of the test.

Small Group Instruction:

This is a classroom course with class strength of maximum four students. Small Group Instruction is a 48-hour classroom program that offers the most modified and customized test course that you cannot find anywhere else.

MCAT Hyperlearning:

The MCAT Hyperlearning preparation course is one of the most all-inclusive and complete classroom courses found in the industry. You will have 105 hours of classroom teaching along with 19 practice tests and past AAMC exams test questions in the Hyperlearning. This course option prepares you optimally for the test.

MCAT LiveOnline:

The MCAT LiveOnline has the same feature and qualities of the Hyperlearning preparation course. The added benefit to this course is that it is available online operating under the smooth network of rich technology. It is an online TPR test preparation course.

MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline:

You might face some problems in solving the verbal questions of the test. For such problems, you can avail the Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline, which sharpens your verbal skills and comprehension skills, which are some prerequisite skills needed to score high in the test.

Therefore, the above-mentioned preparation courses are all the courses offered by TPR, which you can avail for scoring high in the test. These courses are available at reasonable prices. The Hyperlearning and the online courses may seem a bit exorbitant. However, the tutoring services you receive from these courses make it worth the investment.

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