Information For Candidates Who Want To Take The MCAT

How, When and Where Can You Take the MCAT?

If you have decided to take this test, you must make sure that you are eligible for it. The test can be taken any time after you have completed at least one year of undergraduate course in Introductory Biology, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Introductory Physics. The next thing is to know how, when and where to take the test.

How to Take the MCAT Test?

The answer to this question is very simple. You have to go to the official website of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and register for the MCAT test. When registering, you can choose the test date, time and location of your choice from the list available at the website. After registering for the test, prepare well and take up the test confidently to get a better score.

When to Take the MCAT Test?

You can take the test in the year in which you would like to apply for a medical course. Also, you can take the test three times in a year. Register for a test date that gives you at least two to six months for making valuable preparation. When you register for the test, you will be asked to select your test date. You can decide the test date based on MCAT date schedule, available test centers, required preparation time, and your personal situation. You can have a look at the test locations, dates and time scheduled for the current year at the AAMC website. You can try to know more tips on how to choose the best test date if you browse through the internet. It is better to register as early as possible to get the desired test location and test date.

The best time to take the test depends on you. It is suggested that you take it after the 2nd or 3rd year of your undergraduate studies. Decide the date and time of your MCAT test that fits you best. But make sure to take the test only when you want to apply for a medical course, when you are confident enough to face the test, when you have improved your time management skill, and when you have prepared well for the test.

Where to Take the MCAT Test?

The MCAT test is conducted all over the United States, Canada and in a few other countries. You can refer to the AAMC website for getting an idea of the locations at which the MCAT tests are conducted during the current year. When you register for the test, you will be asked to choose the test location and center. It is recommended that you choose a test center which is near your locality. This will help you to avoid the unnecessary expenses associated with travelling to a distant location. But, it is not a rule. You can choose a center that you prefer. In case, your preferred test center or test date is not available, you have to make an alternate choice from the available list.

Whatever may be your doubts regarding how, when, and where to take the test, you will definitely find an answer at the official website of the AAMC. You can also browse through the internet to find the answer. But, make sure to check the correctness of the information provided in other sites.

Once, you have registered for the test, by choosing a specific date and location that fits you best, it is your duty to prepare well for the exam. Registering at the right time is just the preliminary thing you have to do if you have decided to take the test. But, getting a good score depends on how well you prepare for the test.