Essential Information Regarding MCAT Registration

Steps for Registration for MCAT

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized medical entrance examination for all those students who want to pursue a career in the medical field. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) administers the MCAT. This test is administered as a common test for selecting prospective students for the medical courses in universities across the USA and Canada. You will have to pass this test in order to get admitted into a medical course and obviously you would have to face a stiff competition for passing this exam. The test is administered periodically throughout the year. The test is administered by the AAMC at Prometric centers located in different parts of the world.

Planning Your Registration

You have to register for the test in advance. You have to plan your test date so that you can satisfy certain criteria like the admissions, your convenience etc. If you register for the examination so that you leave considerable amount of time for your preparation. Very often, many students take a bit late and you would face a problem if the scores of your MCAT do not arrive on time for your admissions. Likewise, you must plan to register for the testthis test while pursuing their high school studies so that they do not waste any time right after graduating from the high school. So, in such a case, you must also balance your high school studies and be able to score a good GPA. Hence, you must register for MCAT taking all the factors explained above. You may refer to the following link to know the test dates for the year 2012: You can observe from the above link that the peak time for taking the test is from July till September. Also, the number of MCAT administrations in these three months exceeds the number of MCAT test administrations in the rest of the year. This is because many students take the test in these three months since that is the right time for taking the test if you wish to receive your scores timely.

Steps for Registration

MCAT registration is made pretty much easier for the students worldwide. You can register through online mode only and there are no other modes that you can avail to register for MCAT. You must first choose a test date and test center for taking the test. Then, you must follow the below explained steps in order to register for the test.

  • You must sign up with AAMC from their official website. You will be given a dedicated online account by signing up with AAMC's official website.
  • Refer to the following link and fill in the required personal information and submit it.
  • After your details are scrutinized by the AAMC, you will receive a mail to the e-mail address that you have submitted. In this mail, you will receive a unique username and password for your account.
  • Visit the following link to enter the user name and password in order to access your account.
  • Using your account, you can directly select the test date and choose the test center apply for that particular test date by paying the fee stated there.

Other Important Links

Every test date on which the test is administered has a registration deadline. You can visit the following link to find all the test dates for the year 2012 and their corresponding registration deadlines:

Also, in the above link, you can find the late registration deadlines and also the dates concerning the tentative score releases for the tests administered. Further, the candidates who reside outside USA or Canada must refer to the following link to know the test dates on which the test is administered in their respective countries. Moreover, the test dates are subject to changes by the AAMC. Hence, you must regularly follow the official website for any updates pertaining to the changes and accordingly plan the date on which you would like to register for the test.

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