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MCAT preparatory courses offered by Princeton have been regarded as some of the best available preparatory options available, with regard to this examination. Princeton Review aims to provide a solution for every individual who aspires to take up the MCAT exam, and there are a variety of options to enable this. Individual tutoring, online classes, classroom training, books, practice tests, etc. are part of this Princeton package for MCAT aspirants.

MCAT Preparation Options

As individual study styles and study requirements differ greatly, there is no single solution to MCAT preparation. And this is very well-understood by all the professional review program providers out there, including Princeton Review. The current list of Princeton review programs includes a variety of options, as follows:

  • Private Tutoring: Individual classes or one-to-one tutoring sessions are the norm of the day. The Princeton private tutoring program offers 48 hours of classes and dedicates an expert instructor to work with you. As per your comfort level and requirements, you can opt for from the most experienced and successful layer of premier tutors, significantly experienced range of masters, or from the sufficiently experienced and knowledgeable group of individual tutors. Flexibility, convenience, and no distraction are the key attractions of this individualized program. Using the Princeton Review website, you can, as well, find tutors near your own locality.
  • Small Group Instruction: This program is for those students who like to be part of a group, but would require individual attention to focus and perform better. With a really small number of students in each group (four), the classes provide the required individual attention along with a formal classroom atmosphere. Small Group Instruction programs are covered in 48 hours. Course features include:
    • 19 full-length practice tests
    • Comprehensive materials for review and study, including all the subject content reviews and practice questions, writing review and prompts, verbal workbooks, etc.
  • MCAT Hyperlearning: This program is considered as one of the most intensive, yet comprehensive MCAT preparation courses around. With 105 hours of intense classes with the experts, Princeton Review guarantees an improved score for you with this classroom program. The salient features of this program include:
    • 19 full-length practice tests, including all officially released AAMC tests
    • Industry's lengthiest session for verbal reasoning classes-22.5 hours
    • More than 20 hours for additional help, on an individual basis
    • Team instruction
    • Comprehensive materials for review and study, including all the subject content reviews and practice questions, writing review and prompts, verbal workbooks, etc.
  • MCAT LiveOnline: This one is for those who do not opt to or cannot join Princeton review classroom programs for various reasons, but want to be benefitted from the Princeton advantage. You get all the facilities of the MCAT Hyperlearning program here, but virtually: like 19 practice tests, 105 hours of classes, 20+ hours of additional help sessions conducted individually, lengthiest available session for verbal reasoning section of the MCAT exam, comprehensive materials for review and practice, workbooks, practice questions, etc.
  • MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline: If you are an expert at the subjects concerned, and want a special session to focus only on the Verbal Reasoning part of the exam, here is a Princeton Review program that caters to your needs. This 15-hour program (divided into six 2.5-hour sessions) is administered online and focuses on improving your reading comprehension skills by providing additional training in critical reading techniques. This Princeton review program features:
    • Services of the premier verbal reasoning instructors
    • The Verbal Accelerator Student Manual and Reader
  • MCAT Books: It also has a wonderful collection of books available for purchase, provided you opt out of a formal review program and choose self -study. Princeton MCAT books can be purchased online or from book stalls. Some of the popular titles are:
    • Cracking the MCAT, 2011-2012 Edition
    • MCAT Workout
    • MCAT Biology Review
    • MCAT Elite
    • MCAT General Chemistry Review
    • MCAT Physics and Math Review
    • MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review
    • Medical School Essays that Made a Difference, 3rd Edition

It also offers summer intensive review programs, which are six- week intensive instruction programs conducted at two locations in the US. Apart from all this, the Princeton Review website ( has a number of free practice tests for aspiring candidates. You can also purchase additional practice tests online. The website is loaded with other resources and useful stuff like information about the exam, about the instructors, the test timeline, FAQs, etc.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Some of the most widely accepted plus points of these programs include:

  1. The customizable nature of the programs and the level of flexibility they offer.
  2. Top-notch instructors and teachers to guide you-Princeton Review instructors are selected after a rigorous selection process that thoroughly tests their subject expertise, and they are trained well to provide the best guidance available.
  3. The expertise and in-depth subject knowledge that the team brings along
  4. Princeton Review guarantee of success and improved score-with money back or free tutoring option

However, there are a few negative points as well, which might need consideration. One of these is an opinion that Princeton review courses focus more on the subject content, and a little less on the critical thinking skills' part as against other players in the market. On the other hand, while the rates and timelines of the review programs are almost on a par with those of the competitors, the prices might not be affordable to all. The guarantee program is another catch, which does not cover all Princeton review programs, but only some of them.

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