Essential Features Of The MCAT Preparatory Course Offered By Princeton

Different Courses by Princeton for MCAT

The Princeton Review offers online as well as live MCAT course options. From the very elaborate repertoire of Princeton MCAT course options, following are a selected few:

Private Tutoring Course

Price: Starting at $6,480 and changes as per location.

Course structure : This is a very flexible course that can be altered to match the schedules of the students. It comprises of 48 hours of lectures that include the books and reference papers self-published by the Princeton Review Company. This is a high-end course and can be taken if a student wants a complete review of all the sections of the MCAT.

Small Group Instruction Course

Price: Starting at $2,999 and changes as per location.

Course structure: This course is another customised course for the students of the MCAT. Through this course, the students have the option of taking a tutorial class along with a classroom session for the MCAT. The course allows only four students in every class and thus every student gets personal as well as group attention. A very good idea for students who are uncomfortable in large groups yet want some company to study and discuss ideas with.

Princeton MCAT Hyperlearning Course

Price: Starting at $ 1,999 and changes as per location.

Course structure : This is an exhaustive classroom learning course with an extensive 100 plus hours of classroom lectures. The course includes books from the Princeton Review company as well the original AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), prescribed practice tests. There are in total 19 tests that are included in the format of this course.

Ultimate MCAT Course

Price: Starting at $7,999 and changes as per location.

Course Structure: This is a camp that runs for 6 weeks at various locations and has an exhaustive MCAT preparation schedule. This course is another very intensive programme that includes over 370 hours of preparation time through lectures, games, workshops and practice. This camp is conducted outdoors and is a summer program. A very unique and effective way of helping students prepare for the MCAT. Though expensive, the course is worth a try because of its length and schedule.

Princeton MCAT Live Online Course

Price: Starting at 1,799 and changes as per location.

Course Structure : Very similar to the Princeton MCAT Hyperlearning Course, this course is conducted online. This is a live-online course conducted through using the latest technology and gives the students a feeling of studying in a classroom though they are taking the course online. The length of the course is 105 hours of lectures and the students have access to the books and resources of the Princeton Review company for the MCAT.

MCAT Verbal Accelerator Live Online Course

Price: Starting at $ 499 and changes as per location.

Course structure: This can be called a 'mini course' of sorts as this course is directed only at the Verbal Reasoning section of the MCAT. The course extends to 15 hours of live lectures and the tips and techniques provided in the sessions are very useful for tackling the hurdles in the Verbal Reasoning section in the final test.

Every Princeton course has been designed in a way that the students can give and receive feedback and have an option for discussions on the MCAT. Because this is such a technical examination, it is imperative that the students take up a preparatory course that allows them to not only understand the scientific ideas but also helps them to learn how to apply them in the format of the test. Apart from the above-mentioned course options, there are various books and references that the company provides that can be useful in the preparation of the test. The website is as follows: has an in-depth review of all the Princeton MCAT course options.