Preparing for MCAT

Preparing for MCAT in the most Cost-Effective Manner

The best way to prepare for any competitive examination is self-preparation. When we talk about self-preparation, we mean equipping yourself with a 'game-plan' to tackle the process of preparation for the examination. Following is a checklist that can be followed while preparing for MCAT in a cost-effective manner:

  • Visit the official website If you want the current information on the MCAT, before starting preparation for your test, prepare a personal information log from the information given in the website. This information is genuine and will be very helpful.
  • Go through the official list of books and preparation material available on the website and make your own list. While preparing for the test, make your own list first and then finalize before the actual purchase otherwise you might end up buying a lot of books which might not be useful for you and waste your time and money.
  • Go through and remember the dos and don'ts of the test mentioned in the website. The official website has an updated record of the examination rules and you should be aware of them before you start to prepare so that you are well aware of time limits and rules of writing the test etc.
  • According to your test date, make a schedule of the number of days/ months available to study. For your best attempt at the MCAT, prepare according to the time available with you. Do not try and study from everything without making a planned schedule because this is an expensive examination and while preparing for the test you should remember that you might not be able to afford too many attempts at it.
  • Take the MCAT official preparatory tests from the website and mark your performance. The website contains many official practice tests for the test. Start preparing after taking these tests first. It is a mind opener and helps you to gauge yourself.
  • Research for study material that can be used in the time available for preparation. After making your own schedule and understanding your requirements, go back to the list of books that you had made and decide after research, which ones suit you the most. Buy bulky, expensive and elaborate books only if you have more time otherwise keep your study material limited.
  • Join a coaching center, tutorial or take an online class if you think there is need and if it is affordable for you. If you think that your preparation material is not sufficient to help you prepare for the examination, you can take the help of professionals.
  • Keep yourself ready for the test. Getting yourself ready for the MCAT not only involves academic preparation but it also means that you should keep the infrastructure ready for the test day. In short, keep a bag ready in advance for the day of the test. Make a list of things, like ID card and headphones (if required), along with other documents that may be needed pertaining to your application. Some applicants need medical certificates or academic certificates in addition to their ID cards. These exceptions should be found out and a proper bag should be prepared to place your things together so that important details are not forgotten in the anxiety of nearing the exam date.
  • Mark the test date, test center and timing. Though you have been given these during your registration, it is better to check for changes if any, that have been made to the date, test center and timings of your test.
  • Check the details of the test and its rules again a few days before the test in case you might have forgotten something. Visit the official website and double-check for any changes that might have occurred in the details of the test.
  • Finally, practice and keep practicing for the test. In order to be well-equipped for the examination. you must answer as many mock tests as possible is the most effective and inexpensive way of mastering the test. The sample tests will build your confidence and will help you ease into the nuances of the test.

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