Some Points To Remember While Preparing For The MCAT

5 Tips to make the Perfect Plan for MCAT Preparation

Following are five essential tips help a student prepare for MCAT:

1. Visit the official website

The first tip towards making a good plan for your MCAT preparation is to visit the official website and go through all the information about the test. For a good attempt at the test, follow the nuances and details given in its website. This website has a lot of valid information about the test and it is the best way to understand the test requirements. The 'The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam' in the website should be the first book that a student should refer to, for the MCAT. This will help you in taking the final test, prepare you for the upcoming hurdles, and clear all doubts about the basics of test that you might have had.

2. Mark the dos and don'ts of the test/ mark your strengths and weaknesses also:

The second tip to help students aiming for the MCAT is to jot down and remember the dos and don'ts of the test. This can be done after referring to the MCAT Essentials PDF and the Preparing for the Test Sections from the official website. Make a note of all the requirements of the various Science subjects of the test. Because this is a technical examination it is imperative that a student keeps an updated record of all the changes and aspects of the subjects. This will also help in knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

Keeping a time limit, maintaining a calm and cool approach are the common dos. The common don'ts are spending too much time on one question, contemplating about the result without even attempting the entire test, going back and forth while answering the test, i.e. no confidence on already answered questions.

3: Get hold of study material according to your requirements:

After having arrived at the positives and negatives of your MCAT preparedness, you should get the study material that will be best suited to your requirements. Get the books that you can understand and that add value to your test preparation. Take help from fellow students and follow the website for the official sources of study material. For a good performance, you should study from the best material and take all the help available but, do not blindly follow anyone else.

4: Register with a professional prep course if required, possible and affordable:

After taking the pains of studying the books, procuring data on the Science subjects, practicing Writing Samples and taking the sample tests for Verbal Reasoning, if a student still feels that he/she is not adequately prepared then professional help is required to prepare for the test. This help can be taken from tutors, tutorials and coaching centers. The student should keep in mind his/her financial abilities and requirements before taking professional help. The source of help should also be legal and genuine, so one should double-check to be sure and then go ahead.

5: Practice and keep practicing for the test:

Along with the books, a student should also get hold of the sample tests on the MCAT. Preparing from the sample tests along with studying from the books helps in practicing what a student learns. This is great for retaining the subject.The official website has sample test papers that should be solved in the process of test preparation. The best place for sample tests is the MCAT website but you can also solve tests from other sources. There is no better way, to guarantee a great result at the test, than to practice and keep practicing the test papers. What is difficult at first will become a smooth ride if you keep on practicing it. Give yourself time-at-hand to best preparation. If you want to ace the MCAT, prepare with practice!

You can find practice tests, by clicking on the following link:

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