Prep101 MCAT

Salient Features of MCAT Prep101

Prep101 is a professional company that offers the complete preparation course for MCAT. This course excels in quality and fees when compared to the other professional MCAT preparation courses, such as Kaplan and Princeton Review.

It offers comprehensive MCAT preparatory course, subject booster courses, and online preparation course that guarantee a better score. A few of the salient features of these courses are as follows:

  • Flexible Schedule Prep101 offers weeknight classes, weekend classes or both. You can choose either one or both based on your situation.
  • Expert Instructors The instructors for this courses are specialized and well experienced in teaching MCAT syllabus. They provide excellent teaching service during the classroom sessions. They are ready to clear all your doubts regarding the exam. They also provide online lectures that will be highly helpful if you miss any classroom session.
  • More Hours of Classroom Instruction The preparation courses of Prep101 offer 108 hours of classroom instruction using the best teaching methods and study materials. This is a value that is higher when compared to other courses, such as Kaplan and Princeton Review.
  • The Best MCAT Study Guides This course offers a more comprehensive set of study guides that will be highly helpful and informative. The study guides of Prep101 are complete, well-organized, focused, and easy to understand. The study materials of this course includes six study guides, six workbooks, and six classroom companions on Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Verbal reasoning and Writing Sample. The course materials also include 8 AAMC MCATs. This course website provides free study materials and practice questions. The course guides helps in improving your subject knowledge and skills required for MCAT. They also help in improving your problem solving skills.
  • The Best Teaching and Test-taking Methodologies It offers a comprehensive preparation program through the best teaching methodologies and test-taking techniques. They conduct in-class exams every day and provide score reports and feedback. They permit you to contact the course instructors through email during the period of your course. They also provide access to online forum to interact with the course instructors and classmates. This feature helps you to clear your doubts with your classmates or instructors. It also helps in making an effective group study with your classmates.
  • Home Study Kit This course offers a home study kit that comprises more than 5000 MCAT practice questions and answers.
  • Reasonable Course Fee and Money-back Guarantee These courses are offered at a reasonable fee that is lower when compared to another professional company, such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, Oxford Seminars and Richardson. It also offers money-back guarantee that promises to refund the course fee excluding the cost of study materials if your MCAT score is low.
  • Individualized Motivation and Feedback The instructors motivate and provide feedback to each student. This helps you to recognize and improve your skills in the area of MCAT in which you are weak. It offers one of the most complete preparation courses for MCAT. The course offers a smart way to achieve guaranteed high score in the test. If you are keen in getting a better score, you can choose one of the preparation courses of Prep101. Though some of the benefits that it offers may be found in other professional MCAT preparation courses, a few of the benefits that course offers are really outstanding.

The Prep101 courses serve as one of the most beneficial MCAT preparation courses with so many significant and specific features. To be brief, it offers excellent study courses with smart and salient features to improve your score.

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