Perfect MCAT

What Does a Perfect MCAT Score Mean?

MCAT is a computer-adaptive test that is administered by the AAMC. The test is taken by students who wish to pursue Medicine in the United States or Canada. The test consists of four sections, which are designed to test the student's ability to perform in different areas of study. The four sections of the test are the:

  • Verbal Reasoning.
  • Physical Sciences.
  • Writing Sample.
  • Biological Sciences.

Everyone aims at scoring exceptionally high scores in the MCAT but it obviously depends upon your level of prep and your ability to do well in the test. Almost all the universities while admitting a candidate consider not only his/her MCAT score but also consider their Grade Point Average GPA. A good MCAT score or a high GPA alone would not serve the purpose. You must score well in MCAT and as well as secure a high GPA. However, even if you possess both, a good MCAT score and high GPA, there might be a chance of getting rejected if you do not reach the expectations of the admission review panel. So, it is very instrumental that you study well and try being at the top in all the aspects pertaining to the test and the admission review processes.

How Is MCAT Scored?

MCAT is scored based upon the raw scores. The raw scores are the score implied by the number of correctly answered questions in any particular section. In this test, you can take the liberty of guessing the answer for a particular question if you are not quite sure of, since there is no penalty for incorrectly answered questions. The Writing Sample section consists of two topics which are to be answered in essays. The rest of the three sections consist multiple-choice questions. Let us now first look into these three sections.

The raw scores that you obtain will then be converted into an equivalent scale that ranges between 0 and 15 for each section. Hence the sectional MCAT score that a student can score is 15 for the three sections leaving the Writing Sample section. The maximum composite score that a student can attain in this test is thus 45. Of the two essays of the Writing Sample section, each essay is scored by two separate evaluators and is given two raw scores. The summation of all the four scores in this section is the maximum composite score in this section. Then the score you obtain is scaled to an alphabetic range between J (low) to T (High).

What Is a Perfect MCAT Score?

A perfect score in MCAT, in the real sense, means the maximum score that a student can obtain throughout all the sections put together. The perfect score that a student can obtain is 45T. The first part of the score (45) means the score obtained in the three sections leaving the Writing Sample section and the appended alphabetic grade (T) is the highest score obtained in the Writing Sample section. However, this high a score is really very hard to achieve.

The Meaning of Perfect MCAT Score

If we analyze the score percentiles of the MCAT, we can understand that the perfect score (45) is given 99.9 percentile and the one who secures 42 also gets 99.9 percentile, which statistically means that the percent of students achieving score between 45 and 42 is 0.0%. You can refer to the following link to see it for yourself:

A score of 35 helps you to comfortably achieve a 95 percentile score, which means that you cannot practically achieve a score of 45. At least, aiming at the perfect test score would help you land up in the 99.9th percentile. So, considering the score percentiles, a score ranging between 42 and 45 can be considered as a perfect score in MCAT.

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