MCAT Videos

MCAT Prep through Video Lessons

Video lessons are one of the latest approaches in the field of test-prep. MCAT videos are videos that have been designed to cater to the hoard of students who are looking for resources to study from, for their tests, from the convenience of their homes or libraries. These videos are made by many companies but because MCAT is such a technical examination, only a few companies can claim to have the most effective and helpful videos of the test.

Few MCAT videos that are most commonly used and are credible:

1. From the list of This is an online learning portal and contains an MCAT-bookstore. The bookstore contains a gamut of books and has videos that can be downloaded and also links to videos of the MCAT-prep companies. The link to this bookstore is

A few of the MCAT videos available in the MCAT bookstore are:

2. The Examkrackers video on YouTube: Examkrackers is a prep company that specialises in many course options for the MCAT. The video by the Examkrackers Company for the test on YouTube is a combined video for all the sections of the test. The link is:

3. The WikiPremed MCAT, video course: This is a company that provides a detailed course for MCAT prep. The company also has a video course option that has the same syllabus as the full-time course. The link is:

4. The company assures to save your time while still helping you prepare for the MCAT. This is a prep company for which you need to register and then you can download all the videos and applications available with the company. A student can browse and become a guest member with the company also. There are innumerable videos on this portal for the test.

The link for the videos is:

5. The MCAT videos by Kaplan: Kaplan is a multifaceted test-prep company that specialises in many prep options for the MCAT. One of the options from the company is the free download of 5 videos for test preparation.

These videos are available at the link:

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are many online libraries and individual videos that can aid in the preparation of the test. It is not necessary to follow every video and book but a quick run-through of these videos does give a new insight to your preparation. Most of the online test options have a price attached to them. Every student should read the fine-print of price and legality before planning to download videos and prep material. Research for the test videos before downloading them as that will increase your confidence in the matter discussed in the videos and better your preparation.