MCAT Tutoring

Who Should Opt for Customized MCAT Tutoring and Why?

There are various types of tutoring courses available for learning MCAT. Classroom coaching, online courses, private tutoring, group tutoring etc are the common methods available. Tutoring of MCAT is available as one-to-one tutoring, which can be availed at an institute, at the tutor's home or at the student's home. It is also available as an online course. Group tutoring is also available, where a single tutor is available for a group of 2-4 students.

Who Should Opt for Customized MCAT Tutoring and Why?

Each individual is different from the other and so a common method of learning is not very practical. Customized tutoring of MCAT is the most modern trend available which designs the curriculum according to the needs of an individual. In this method, a personal tutor is assigned to you, on an hourly or monthly basis. The tutor, after discussing with you, designs a course which is as per your requirements. Each individual's curriculum will be different from the others. Your personal tutor guides you through the entire curriculum at a pace, which is comfortable to you. The classes are set according to your convenience. A customized option builds up confidence in a candidate, as he can approach the tutor with any kind of doubts. His weakness is not questioned by the tutor. In fact, the tutor works with him to overcome his weakness.

Most students opt for tutoring as it provides a customized or personalized way of learning. This means that the study material as well as the way of learning is designed to meet an individual's needs. An individual will be different from the other, so customized tutoring ensures that each individual is taught with the method he is comfortable with. Some may have strong reasoning and problem solving skills; others may have a good vocabulary and memory. After knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, the tutor customizes the student's study materials and study schedule. The strategies and tips for taking the MCAT may be different for each individual under customized tutoring.

Review of 4 Private Tutors for MCAT

  • The Princeton Review ( institute is located at 111 Speen St # 550, Framingham, MA 01701-2090, United States. Phone: +1 508-663-5050. It offers private tutoring which provides excellent guidance under a team of expert tutors. They provide a customized curriculum which suits your needs. The schedule is designed according to your convenience and provides the flexible option of choosing either the in-person or web-based tutoring class. They make sure that you are completely focused towards achieving your goal and are always available for any kind of guidance. You have the option of selecting a tutor from the different options available, like Premier tutors, Master tutors, and Private tutors.

  • Parliament Tutors ( institute is located at 177 East, 87th Street, New York, NY 10128-2226, United States. Phone: 646-750-0202. It provides a customized lesson plan designed for your individual needs. Online sessions are available where you can communicate with your tutor. Tutoring packages of 4, 8, 16 and 24-hours are available. The services of expert tutors are made available at your home. Parliament tutors provide the services of the most passionate, well-trained and distinguished tutors who guide you through the entire MCAT learning process. This result in sharpening the student's thinking, learning and problem solving.

  • Next Step Test Prep ( can be contacted at Next Step preparation, 4256 N Ravenswood Suite 303, Chicago, IL 60613. Phone 888-530-NEXT (6398). It provides the service of veteran MCAT tutors, who have several years of teaching experience and have themselves scored a 36+ in the test. They design a customized study plan which focuses on developing your weaker areas and strengthening your positive areas. A time-table is created for allotting time to all the sections of the test. Apart from tutoring classes, you are given assignments to improve your learning ability. It also provides Online tutoring option, which is a live, one-to-one class and does not include pre-recorded lectures. For the online sessions, the institute provides each student with a tablet which is helpful in communicating with the tutor.

  • Kaplan Test Prep ( They can be contacted at Kaplan, Inc. Headquarters, 395 Hudson street, New York, NY 10014. Phone 212-492-5800. Kaplan claims to be different from others because of their curriculum, resources and faculty. They provide a customized curriculum designed to meet your personal goals. The schedule is set according to your convenience, where a personal tutor is made available to guide you through the preparation of MCAT. It provides the facility of Smart Reports which provides an online analysis of your progress, through the practice tests and assignments that you do.

Customized teaching of MCAT provides personal attention to the student, thus improving his academic performance. By working under an expert tutor, he gains confidence and can put in his best.