MCAT Tutor

How to Make the Most of an MCAT Tutor?

MCAT private tutoring is offered by various companies to help in the preparation of the test. It is a standardized test to measure the suitability of a student for medical schools, mostly in the US. A tutor provided by MCAT prep companies often comes through their private tutoring courses or packages. Some of these courses are as follows:

1. Princeton Review Private Tutoring Course:

Price: Starting at $6,480 and changes as per location.

Course structure: This Princeton MCAT course is a very flexible course that can be altered to match the schedules of the students. It comprises of 48 hours of lectures given by a tutor. The course includes books and reference papers, self-published by the Princeton Review Company. An example of a Princeton Review book is MCAT Workout by Princeton Review. This is a high-end course and can be taken if a student wants a complete review of all the sections of the test.

The website to know more about the options for MCAT from Princeton Review is:

2. Kaplan MCAT Private Tutoring Courses:

Kaplan is a multispecialty test-prep company. Kaplan MCAT courses are held worldwide and are also available online. The unique point of Kaplan is that they give a lot of course choices along with very well-known publications to study from. For example, Kaplan MCAT Complete Subject Review. Kaplan is famous for a comprehensive understanding of the MCAT. Private tutoring from Kaplan is available in customizable formats. A tutor through the Kaplan courses, is available for a one-on-one session with the students. Students have access to all the study materials that are published by Kaplan for the test. Students also have access to the same resources that are offered to the full-time live classroom course students. Kaplan private tutoring course is like a personal tutorial and students can feel free to schedule the course in the way that benefits them the most.

The details of the Kaplan private tutoring course can be procured from the website

3. The Gold Standard Company for MCAT prep:

Gold Standard is an MCAT prep company specializing in prep material for the test. Its website is The courses by Gold Standard company are not live or full-time classroom courses but are unique courses that are available through videos, books and live camps. The man behind this company is a doctor by the name of Dr. Brett Ferdinand and this test teacher, though does not conduct the traditional tutoring sessions, is one of the best in the industry for test preparation. The tutoring sessions by Dr. Brett Ferdinand are also on videos but they are mainly through a live camp for the test. The camp is a live course with Dr. Brett Ferdinand that also provides home study material. In the camp, a student has access to a single room with breakfast and lunch. This is a six-day intense live program, which takes students through all the concepts of the test and sets the students up for success at the test. This program is a very unique feature of the Gold Standard MCAT prep options.

How to utilize MCAT tutoring:

  • Before taking a course, do a thorough research of the course that you are enrolling for and the kind of private tutor for the test that will be available to you.

  • Be confident about the course you have chosen and the instructions of your teacher once you have enrolled for the course.

  • Let your tutor know all your problems and inhibitions with respect to the syllabus of the test. Only when the tutor is sure about your needs will he/she be able to help you properly.

  • Do not resist in asking questions and clarifying your doubts at every step during your process of studying with the teacher.

  • Do not look for a lot of study material beyond your course once you have enrolled for one. It is important to study well for the test but it is equally important to study from only limited sources to avoid confusion. Choose study material beyond your course content only if you think that you have understood what you have studied already and can now venture into trying out more books and practice materials.

  • You have to remember that the MCAT is not only a test of knowledge but also a test of writing and comprehension skills. Skills can only be honed by practice and not by collection of a lot of data. Your tutor is only your guide and cannot replace practice.