MCAT Training

How Can MCAT Training Help You

How is MCAT Training Helpful?

There are many students who prefer to take training for MCAT from different institutes instead of studying on their own. Training can be useful if you utilize it properly. Despite the fact that there are numerous resources from where one can find varied materials for preparation, institutes still remain a favorite among a large percentage of students. Also due to the increase in the competitiveness of MCAT students have begun to flock to these training institutes. Let's look at some of the advantages of teaching institutes of MCAT.

  • MCAT is a specialized and standardized test. Relying on experts for information and their experience in the field will greatly benefit you.

  • Training institutes use different methods to teach in class. These alternative approaches towards studies work well for students since many times certain ideas, facts and concepts can be difficult to understand and this factor is a huge advantage in favor of institutes.

  • Individual attention is paid to each student in most training institutes. This factor has a direct effect on their performance, since one-on-one learning is known to be a highly effective technique. Sometimes due to a high number of students in a classroom, it becomes difficult for the instructor to give personal attention to students. In this case, classes with a smaller number of students must be chosen and this works even better than one-on-one learning since students are exposed to the doubts and fear factors of other students along with receiving personalized inputs about their performance from their instructors.

  • Enrolling in training classes can be beneficial since it would give a good head start to the admission process for medical school. Most of the training is followed by counseling for medical colleges by these MCAT prep institutes.

Review of MCAT Training Institutes

1. Kaplan: This is one of the oldest training institutes that offers a range of services to its students. Kaplan holds four different kinds of classes for MCAT, they are:

  1. Online Video Course: An Online Video Course makes classrooms available for students at any given point of time. They have reviews of all the content on the test for this course. This is a course for those students who love to study independently.

  2. MCAT Classroom Anywhere: MCAT Classroom Anywhere brings to the students a live teacher and supplements the classroom-feel by allowing access from anywhere in the world.

  3. Private Tutoring: Since all students have different aptitudes, one-on-one tutoring is mainly for students who require a personal touch to their preparation. Kaplan has a range of very well trained instructors who look into the needs of the students and allow them to work independently and give support if and when required.

  4. On-Site Classroom: Finally, the traditional classroom sessions that has been working well for students since many years. These are concentrated sessions and the students are engaged in very high level of preparatory methods in this session. It is a very popular and convenient prep option. The link to Kaplan MCAT is

2. The Princeton Review: The Princeton Review is a company that believes in delivery. This is one institute that delivers what it promises. This is the main reason for its popularity. Many methods of Kaplan and The Princeton Review overlap, but the one thing that works to The Princeton Review’s advantage are the prep materials that they have. Students flock to this institute because of their teaching methods and preparation materials for the test. The link to The Princeton Review MCAT is

3. Oxford Seminars: This is a highly-intensive course, more like a crash course for MCAT. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that they have courses of all kinds like weekend batches and personalized tutoring. They also have a free repeat policy and very good strategies to improve your scores in the test. The link to the Oxford Seminars MCAT is

These are a few institutes which will aid you immensely through their specialized programs for MCAT.