MCAT Topics

What Are MCAT Essay Topics Like and Some Samples

MCAT is an examination designed to test your knowledge of Chemistry, Physics and Biology, as well as, your capacity to think critically in a stressful environment. This is an essential skill that all candidates aspiring to study medicine or to become a doctor, must cultivate. Thus, while preparing for MCAT, ensure that you have allocated sufficient time to study and prepare for the writing section of the test. However, random preparation will only prove to be counterproductive. So in order to help you prepare some test topics and methods to analyze and solve this section of MCAT will be discussed in the following sections.

Preparing for the Writing Section

The writing section is not designed to test your skills with the language, but how well you use the language to convey your thoughts in a coherent manner to the reader. However, you should not make any major grammatical error that might alter the meaning of the statement. Thus, while writing the passages ensure that you take into account the following things:

  • Your essays should pertain to the topics provided. If you do not address the topics in your essays then AAMC will mark your essays as 'non-ratable'. Thus, keep in mind that while placing your arguments and judgments you do not digress from the test topics that have been provided.
  • The essays that you write should have a proper introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should flag off your discussion which you should do in a more elaborate manner in the body of the essays. The conclusion should be conveying your judgment based on the analysis that you have provided.
  • The writing section is a test of your critical and analytical skills. Hence, you should do an in-depth analysis of the topic and then place your arguments.
  • If you provide any judgment in the essay then you must be able to substantiate it by providing examples or statistical data.

Your skills of being able to analyze the essay topics have to be portrayed through the essays that you write. In order to do so you will need to practice writing MCAT essays. To help you practice for the writing section some topics and sample essays have been discussed in the following section.

Some Topics for MCAT Essays

The topics that you will come across during the examination can range from political issues, to educational and medical reforms, to legal issues and even topics related to television and media. Descriptions of some topics which had been given in the previous MCATs along with short analyses of them are given below:

  • In the official website you will come across a topic on democracy and interdependence. If you come across such a political issue then the best way to approach is to try to analyze the correlation between democracy and the common man. You could substantiate your argument by showing real life situations where the citizens of a nation and the government shared a symbiotic relationship.
  • Again in the official website you will come across a topic discussing that obeying an unjust law means that you approve of it. In this kind of a topic you will have to argue for and against the motion. You will have to describe a situation where citizens have to obey an unjust law since they have no other option. Again you will have to argue against the motion and explain why disobeying such a law is justified.

The above two examples represent the myriad of topics that you can come across in the test. If you want a detailed analysis and some more test topics then click on the following link:

If you require sample and help with essay writing then you can check out the following links:

The afore-mentioned links will connect you to sites which will help with writing essays for MCAT. While preparing for the test, do not underestimate the importance of the writing section because it is not directly related to study of medicine. Remember that the grade you receive for the writing section of the test plays a pivotal role when colleges consider you admission application. So prepare well for this section as well!

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