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Preparation for MCAT is incomplete if you don't have thorough knowledge of the marking scheme for the test. After you have appeared for the test you can access your score online, through the official website: To help you access your score easily AAMC uses the MCAT THx or the Medical Testing History System. However, before you can access your score you should know how to interpret it. In the following section the marking scheme for the test will be discussed.

Know Your MCAT Score

The MCAT is a 5 ½ hrs test divided into 4 parts. The questions are all multiple choice (excepting the Writing section where you will need to write 2 passages on given topics) ones and you will not be penalized for a wrong answer. Thus, the 'raw score' that you receive is the sum of all the correct answers that you have given. Calculating the 'raw score' is the first step towards calculating your score.

Converting the 'raw score' to a 'scaled score' is the second step of the process. The 'raw score' that you receive for each section of the test is now converted to a scale of 1to 15. The total scaled score that you will receive is the sum of all the scaled scores of all the sections of the test.

But, along with this score you will also receive a grade for the Writing Section of MCAT. The passages that you have written are scored by an examiner as well as a computer. The sums of all the 4 scores that you receive for the 2 passages that you have written will now be converted to a grade ranging from 'J' to 'T' with 'J' being the lowest and 'T' the highest grade. Thus, the total scaled score you receive will contain a number and a grade, like 42J, 42T, 43T etc.

This score will now be converted to a percentile rank which you can access through the MCAT THx. Through this facility you can also access the score you have received for each section ofthe test. Moreover, it contains the scores of all the MCATs that you have appeared for. The THx has some other features too that are discussed in the following section.

Features of the MCAT THx

The MCAT THx is a facility introduced by AAMC to help you access your score quickly and efficiently. Some of the features of this service are as follows:

  • All scores from the year 1991 are available on MCAT THx. Thus, you don't need to maintain your score separately as your score is already stored in the database.
  • You can use this facility to send your score directly to the medical schools you wish to apply in.
  • While sending the scores you can decide as to whether you wish to send the score of all the tests that you have appeared for or the one in which you have scored the highest.
  • You can use this service to create your official report as well. The official report will contain a verification code to ensure that the score that you have received is authentic and this code will be present in the printout that you take. This facility ensures that you receive your test score fast and you no longer have to wait for it to arrive through mail!
  • Through this scoring scheme you receive not only your overall test score but also the score of the individual sections of the test. This process ensures the authenticity of the marking scheme and if you feel that there is some mistake in the marks that you have received then you can use this facility and have your paper to be re-scored.

In other words the MCAT THx facility makes the whole process of receiving and sending your score to medical schools faster and more efficient. After you have appeared for the test you have to wait for 30 to 35 days in order to receive your score. After you have received your score you can decide which medical schools you should apply in.

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