MCAT Testing History

MCAT Testing History from AAMC

The MCAT test is governed by the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). The test screens students' capabilities in the sections of Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Writing Sample. The scores that students receive in these sections are converted to scaled scores and grades (in case of the writing sample). Such score indications of students testing history are stored on the testing history (THx) system. All detailed information about scoring and release of scores is available on the official website. To read more about the same visit You will find below the necessary steps to view your testing history from AAMC. You will also find links to troubleshooting steps if you find that you do not have the necessary information to log onto the testing history system of MCAT.

1. What You Should Know about Your Testing History from AAMC

The AAMC provides for test takers scores to be recorded each time they appear for the test. This score information is stored on the testing history system. Test takers' scores are available on the online database beginning from the year 1991. The test takers can view their entire achievement history on the online system. This also allows the test taker to export his score to make applications for admissions. Students' scores are automatically released to the AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) for exams taken from the year 2003 onwards. This is handy to make college applications as you do not have to go through any extra steps to include your scores into your application. The draw back is that you can not withhold any history of your scores. Those who have taken the test prior to the year 2003 should use the testing history system to release their scores to external applications services such as AACOMAS, CASPA and SOPHAS. It can also be used to send your score to individual institutions. If the name of your institution is not listed in the system you can take a print of your score report and provide it to the administrative authorities of your institution. More detailed information about the system is available at

2. How to View Your MCAT Testing History

Every test taker is allotted with a registration username and password. These credentials are required to log onto the system as well as the AMCAS. The fee assistance program also uses the same information. Students who may have taken a computer-based test will have to fill out a form and provide the AAMC with accurate information so that future scoring history can be stored to the test takers credit. A username and password will also be allotted to such test takers. To read information about the same visit If you know your username and password and wish to view your score history visit Scores that have been officially released to test takers are available on the testing history system.

All necessary information about the system is available on the official website. The information includes how you can request for a username and password to log onto the system. The test scores are usually valid for testing dates dating back two to three years. The schools that you are applying to will direct you to take the test again if your score are not valid anymore. Score validity differs among institutions. You can find out such information from the administrative authorities of your desired school. If you are not familiar with how the test is scored you can read about the same at Such information will help you understand what you should expect to see on the testing system.