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Importance of MCAT Testing

It is necessary to gather as much information of MCAT testing as possible. The information will not only help you in your test preparation, but you will also be able to understand the test format. Here is the information on scores which can help you to interpret the test scores.

The MCAT scores, which are available as a result, are a great asset for the medical school admission committees which are faced with the daunting task of handling hundreds of applications from prospective medical students. The medical college admission committees find the testing technique very useful in segregating the talented and competent applicants from those who will be a misfit in the medical profession.

As a result of the test procedure, you earn separate scores for each section of the test. The medical school admission committees find these individual scores valuable for assessing your capabilities and skills in a particular subject. Even if you are not able to gain admission to a desired medical school you can utilize your scores to identify your weak areas and pay more attention to the related subject areas when you prepare for your retest.

The testing method is designed to evaluate the skills and capabilities specific to the subject areas related to medical and health studies. The test scores reflect an applicant’s acumen and intellect in absorbing, understanding and effectively applying the instructions imparted as a part of the medical study program curriculum. The medical school admission committee can therefore sideline the applications of students who have dismal scores. Though the test scores are not the only criteria considered for evaluation of suitability for admissions, nevertheless, the reputation of the testing procedure is such that good scores carry a lot of weight age in the selection procedure for admissions to medical school programs.

As a policy, the results of testing are released to AAMC and other institutions associated with it for the purpose of research work. You have to agree to the release of your test scores for this purpose at the time of registering for the test. These institutions keep the  information related to your scores confidential and they benefit from the results of the testing in the research work related to the functions of the AAMC.

The information related to your test results may be made available to health professions advisors, disadvantaged students, under-represented minorities and the recruiting service subject to your approval for the same. This is related to your results are useful for health professions advisors who collate this data for counseling students and for preparing letters of recommendation. Disadvantaged students and under represented minorities planning to apply to medical schools can utilize the results of the test as it will be made available in the Medical Minority Applicant Registry (Med-MAR). Med-MAR is a service responsible for boosting the opportunities in medicine related careers for economically disadvantaged students and for those who belong to a section that is currently under represented in the field of medicine and heath services.

The Recruiting service utilizes the information related to the test results in its various reports. A number of medical schools and government scholarship programs may utilize these reports to extract information about the students who have undergone testing and approach selected students for recruitment. Therefore, we can see that apart from its basic function, the testing serves as an important source of information for a number of other agencies as well. You can access detailed information from the official web site of MCAT,

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