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The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is developed and administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in collaboration with the medical schools associated with it. The AAMC was established in 1876. As on date, the AAMC represents a number of medical schools, teaching hospitals, health systems, medical students and physicians.

The AAMC, in its capacity as the testing agency, provides a mechanism for realizing the aspirations of prospective doctors. The AAMC has also developed the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) for smooth operation of the admission process. The AMCAS is very beneficial for students undergoing MCAT testing as a prelude to their career in medicine. The test scores are accepted by most of the medical schools across the US and Canada for admissions to the programs of medical study offered by them. The AMCAS centrally processes the admission applications of students applying for admissions to medical colleges affiliated to AAMC. There are a large number of medical schools that utilize the AMCAS for handling the applications for admissions to the first year of medical study programs.

MCAT Testing Format

There are four test sections in MCAT i.e. the Physical Sciences section, Verbal Reasoning section, Writing Sample section and Biological Sciences section. The testing format has been designed to evaluate your proficiency in the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English language. The questions asked in the test assess your critical thinking skills, general writing skills and problem solving skills. The testing program effectively evaluates a student’s capabilities and intellect which are indispensable for success in the field of medicine and health related studies.

As per the  format, the Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences sections consist of questions with multiple choice answers. You will be required to choose the correct answer from the various choices given. The Physical Sciences and the Biological Sciences sections in the test deliberate upon testing your problem solving abilities. The Verbal Reasoning section is a test of your analytical skills. It is designed to test your writing skills and your understanding of the conventions of standard written English through the Writing Sample section. You will be required to write two essays in this section.

MCAT Testing Schedule

The testing schedule is organized in such a manner that you are free to choose a convenient  date and  center as per your requirements. The test is conducted on 22  dates in a year, at numerous testing centers across the US, Canada and many other international locations. You can register online for the test from Generally the testing schedule enables your scores to reach the medical schools of your choice before the deadlines for submission of applications. This aspect of the schedule may hold true only for the medical schools associated with the AAMC.

Therefore, it is advisable to check with the medical school of your choice for its last date of submission of applications for admissions before registering for the test. You should select a suitable testing date after due deliberation on various aspects of the admission process. Your exam scores are received by your desired medical school in about a month’s time from the day you take the test. Also, you should preferably select a testing date that will leave you with adequate time for preparing for a retest, in case you are not contented with your MCAT scores. You can appear for the test up to three times in a year. Some medical schools do not accept the scores that are more than 3 years old, so you should preferably ascertain all such details regarding the admission policies of your desired medical schools before registering for the test. All this information is very crucial in your selection of a suitable testing date.

The choice of your testing date for MCAT is also dependent on the availability of your desired testing center on the said date. The testing schedule requires you to first choose a desired testing center and then select a suitable date. There are restrictions on the number of students that can take the test from a particular testing center due to limitations on the seating capacity of each  center. In order to avoid a situation wherein you may not be able to register for a desired  center on a  date of your choice, try and register for the test as soon as the registration for your desired  date commences. Log on to to clarify all your queries regarding the date of opening of registrations and registration deadlines associated with each available MCAT testing date.

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