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MCAT Test Registration Help

There is no denying the fact that one will need help for registering for MCAT. You can expect to be successful in the test only if you register for it in time and on the most suitable date. Therefore, you will need registration help that can assist you in making these decisions. Also, you will need help in respect of the policies governing the registration fees. Guidance in choosing the most appropriate test center is also equally important. Unless you get all these forms of test registration help you will not be able to register for the test in the best possible manner. Moreover, you will need  help if you want to cancel your registration.

MCAT Test Registration Help for Fees

The registration basic fee is $210 for MCAT test and you will have to pay an additional $60 if you are taking the test from an international test center. You can access the online test registration system about 3 months before the test date that you wish to register for. You can go to for all details regarding the test dates available for the current year. This webpage will provide information related to the registration deadlines, late registration period, date of commencement of registration and the expected date of test score release in respect of each of the test dates listed. AAMC also caters for registration fee assistance for the students who are in need of financial aid. Details of AAMC’s policy on grant of fee assistance are available in MCAT Essentials.

If you carry out registration in the late registration period for a test date, then you can do so by paying a late fee in addition to the basic test registration fee. This late fee will amount to $50. You will not be able to avail the facilities of fee assistance, ADA accommodations or special permission if you are carrying out test registration during the late period.

After you have carried out your registration, you may opt for a change of test center or test date depending on availability of the same. However, the request for this change will have to be made before the registration deadline for the test date that you are already registered for. The fee for change of test center and test date is $50 each. A fee of $100 will be charged if you request for a change of both the test date as well as the test center. The fee for change of test center and test date will be charged irrespective of the time delay between your test registration and the request for change of test date and center.

Cancellation of MCAT Test Registration

If you want to cancel your test registration, then you may do so from In case you decide to cancel your registration, you can claim a fee refund for up to 50 percent. However, this refund is applicable only if you request for registration fee refund at least 7 days before the test date that you are registered for. If you have availed the facility of fee assistance then you will be refunded $85 in the event of your cancellation of the test registration. All other additional fees levied by the AAMC are not refundable even if you cancel your registration.

After cancellation of your test registration, you may register for retaking the test at a later date. You may even want to take a retest in case you are not satisfied with your test scores. There is no specific laid down time for which you will have to wait before registering for a retest. You should keep in mind that you can take up to three tests in a year and in case you have already taken one test then you will have to wait for at least one day before carrying out the registration for a second time.

Even though the procedure for test cancellation and retests is quite simple, it is advisable to think carefully and plan your registration by giving due importance to selection of the test centers and test dates. Make an endeavor to read the MCAT Essentials thoroughly before carrying out registration. This will make a marked difference in your approach towards planning your test registration.

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