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You can realize your dream of pursuing a career in medicine if you are able to secure admission to a reputed medical school. For this you will need access to the registration guide for MCAT test. Most of the medical schools across the United States and Canada accept the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores as one of the criteria for evaluating the suitability of candidates for admissions. This calls for access to a test registration guide that can guide you in registering for the test well in time by choosing the most appropriate test date. The test scores are also required by a number of other health studies and medical research programs for admissions. Therefore, candidates who are keen to pursue a career in these fields will also require the assistance of a test registration guide. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is responsible for developing and administering the test in conjunction with the medical schools associated with it. The web site of AAMC will serve as an excellent test registration guide for the candidates who are planning to take the test.

The MCAT test is designed to evaluate the capabilities, skills and knowledge which are the pre requisites for excelling in academic studies pertaining to the field of medicine. The medical schools are looking for students who have an aptitude for doing well in the subject areas related to health studies. The test scores are an indication of a student’s performance in his medical program studies as well as in his profession related to the world of medicine. Therefore, the medical school admission committees lay a great deal of importance on the test scores while short listing candidates for admissions.

Registering for the MCAT

Here is a test registration guide in concise form for your reference. Beginning from 2007, it is an automated test which can be taken on computers only. Erstwhile tests were paper based and were conducted two times in a year. Now, the computerized test is conducted 22 times in a year. The test is conducted in a number of test centers across the US, Canada and many other countries of the world.

Before carrying out the registration, you should find out the policies, of your desired medical schools, in respect of the admission pre requisites. You may have to accordingly plan the test date on which you would like to take the test. Your test scores reach you and the medical schools of your choice in about 30 days from the date you take the test; therefore, the ideal situation would be to carry out the registration for a date that falls in the year before the one in which the medical program is scheduled to commence.

The official web site of AAMC, contains a link for the MCAT test which in turn will lead you to the registration webpage. You can access the registration webpage directly by logging on to . You can carry out the registration for one test date only, though you are allowed to take the test up to three times in a year.

You will be considered eligible for registration if you are planning to join a medical program related to allopathic, osteopathic, veterinary medicine or pediatric studies. While carrying out test registration, you will have to accept a statement that explicitly states your plans of applying for admissions to any one of the programs of study mentioned above. If you are not applying to any of the courses mentioned above or if you are already a medical student, then you will have to apply for Special Permission to carry out the test registration.

For more information on special permissions, you will have to log on to, which is the web page for the MCAT in the AAMC’s official web site. This webpage contains a link for downloading the official test policy guide, MCAT Essentials. This guide contains extensive information on the AAMC’s policies in respect of the test registration, test day and other relevant procedures. Reading through the MCAT Essentials assumes a great deal of importance because you have to accept a statement at the time of test registration confirming your understanding of all rules and regulations given in the said document.

MCAT Test Centers and Test Dates

You should plan on registering for the test at the earliest available opportunity. Though there are a large number of test centers available, you may not be able to manage test registration at a test center of your choice on a desired test date because of the limitation on the seating capacity available at each test center.

The system for online  registration is such that you will first have to choose the locality of the state or jurisdiction where you would like to take the test. Then you will have to choose from a list of test centers available in that locality and then select the test date and time that suits you the best. You will not be able to register for a test center of your choice if the number of students registered for it has reached its seating capacity. You will then be forced to take the test at a test center which is far from your home.

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