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Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences

The preparation of MCAT exam required for these two sections is similar. Both the sections deal with your knowledge of sciences. You should know the content asked in these sections. Both the sections have multiple-choice questions. In some questions, you are given passages based on general sciences and you are asked questions on the information given in it. You are not required to know too many scientific facts to answer these questions. Thus your understanding and problem solving skills are at test. Along with these you also have independent questions. You must keep in mind the following tips in order to prepare for these sections.

  1. Brush up your knowledge by a good reading of the subjects involved.
  2. Learn basic equations and facts. Emphasize on understanding the concept rather than memorizing it.
  3. Practice a lot of sample questions and tests.
  4. Reason out the answer on your own before going through the answer explanations.
  5. Avoid mugging up.
  6. Take practice tests in simulated conditions to get a feel of the real test and increase your speed.

Verbal Reasoning

This section contains passages of about 500 words followed by questions based on them. The questions are multiple-choice questions and you are required to answer them in context of the passage given. This section tests your ability to analyze the given problem and think of a solution with logic and reason. This section also tests your language and vocabulary. Following are the tips for the preparation of this section.

  1. Make it a habit to read something daily.
  2. Put in extra effort to learn difficult and new words.
  3. Solve previous test questions.
  4. Practice comprehension questions.
  5. Try not to waste time while reading the passage

Writing Sample

In this section you are required to write two essays. You are given a topic in the form of a statement and you are required to write an essay in your own words. You should practice by writing essays on topics of your choice during exam preparation. The point behind essay writing questions is to judge your expression, language, reasoning and skill of organizing and presenting information.

While writing an essay you must concentrate on the content. Each part of the essay should be logically connected, thus keeping continuity in it. Ideally, an essay contains an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. You can give your own views about the topic, whether you agree or disagree with it. But remember to support your view with suitable examples. Also, while writing you should not deviate from the topic. Practice is the key to prepare this section. You must keep in mind the following while practicing for essay writing.

  1. Practice essay writing and time yourself up to judge your speed.
  2. Give a thought to what you want to convey. Do not beat around the bush and come straight to the point.
  3. Learn more words and increase your vocabulary. Using better words makes the essay impressive.

General Things To Keep In Mind

Apart from preparing for the test, the preparation requires you to keep other things in mind as well. You must remember that MCAT is a computerized test. For this you require to be familiar with the computer and have basic computer skills. The use of calculators is not allowed. So you should practice calculations on your own and increase your speed in the same.

Preparation also includes preparation for the day of the test. You should make a list of things to be taken for the test, like your admission ticket, photo ID etc. You should also take your lunch as MCAT is a long test and you can take a break during the test.

Ways Of MCAT Exam Prep

There are many ways for you to choose from for preparation. You can attend coaching classes or join online programs. There are private tutors who can guide you through the exam preparation. Apart from these ways, you can buy books for the study. There are other products like softwares, books, flash cards and even hand gadgets to make your preparation easier and enjoyable.

You can choose any method for the test preparation according to your requirement and nature. But what is more important about the exam preparation is your effort and hard work. You have to be disciplined and regular in order to be confident about your preparation in the end. Don’t underestimate your potential, and work hard towards your aim. That is all you need to do for the preparation of MCAT.

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