MCAT Test Prep

MCAT is a test taken by students to get admission into the medical colleges across the US and Canada. It is a standardized entrance test, the score of which determines the college that you will attend. This test helps in determining if you are eligible to undergo the rigorous medical studies in future or not. Therefore it is not just another test for you to take casually. You need a good amount of test preparation before you take the test. The preparation lays down the foundation of your medical career. Only with good preparation can you be confident and well prepared to take the test, which eventually determines your performance in the test.

You might wonder how the test preparation of MCAT differs from the test preparation you have been doing so far. You will find the answer after you have understood the importance and structure of the test. It is specific and you need to give it time, along with proper planning and guidance. Before you start planning your preparation strategy, you must understand the need of the test in admission process.

Importance Of MCAT In Admission Process

You would wonder how the score in MCAT affects your admission. You might feel confident to get admission in any college of your choice with the result of the qualifying test in school. But that is not enough to get admission in a medical college. Most of the colleges in the US attach high value to the test score. It is considered equally important, or rather more important than your score in lower grades. In case there is a confusion regarding your score in lower classes, the score in the test is given more weight age. Apart from this, the test result is used as a merit list, and colleges determine their cut off score accordingly. Thus the students are screened at the very first stage of admission process according to the test score.

Planning For MCAT Test Prep

A task becomes easier and manageable with proper planning. Realizing the importance of the test, you will surely agree that you need to take it seriously and plan for preparation accordingly. It is while you plan for the preparation that you look into every aspect of the test. This is the time you can give it a thought and decide how much time is to be given to what. Whatever time you have in your hands, it can be managed well with proper planning.

Your preparation should start well in advance. Once you have decided to take the test, you must decide upon the date when you want to take the test and register for it as soon as possible. After registration you can concentrate on the preparation completely. It should be done keeping in mind the pattern of the test. You must give more time to the areas you are weak in. You should also plan if you need any guidance for preparation.

Gathering Information About MCAT

The test preparation of MCAT can start off in the right direction only if you know enough about the test. You should find out the following about MCAT

  1. Aim of taking MCAT.
  2. Duration of the test.
  3. Pattern of the test.
  4. Syllabus covered by different sections.
  5. Number of questions asked.
  6. Types of questions asked.
  7. Benefits of MCAT.
  8. How it is scored and how much is a good score in MCAT.

These are the basic things you must know in order to start preparing for the test. Once you are informed about the test, it sets the background for the actual preparation. Now you can go further preparing for it giving attention to the content of each section.

MCAT Test Prep For Each Section

MCAT test has 4 sections: Physical Science, Verbal Reasoning, Writing Sample and Biological Sciences. This preparation should be done according to the needs of each section. You must know the content of each section and also what skills are tested in it. If you keep these things in mind, you will avoid wasting time over unnecessary issues and prepare what is required.

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