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Ideal MCAT Test Date

We have discussed the reason for registering for your desired test date of MCAT on time, but how are you going to zero on to an ideal test date of MCAT? First of all, there is no date from amongst the test dates that can be labeled as the ideal one. Every applicant will have a different viewpoint as regards to his definition of an ideal test date.

If you have already started preparing for the MCAT, then the ideal date will be the one that falls after the time required for your preparation. You should check the official web site and ascertain the scheduling of suitable dates in the month in which you would be completing your preparation. Test dates are not scheduled for every month of the year, so this aspect of the test scheduling may be one of the deciding factors in your selection of an ideal date. Any one of the available test dates may seem to be ideal for you if the testing center of your choice is available on that date.

It is preferable to select a  date falling in the year before the one in which the medical program of your choice is slated to commence. This will give you adequate time for preparation and also to plan out a retest in case you are not satisfied with the results of the first test that you take. Therefore, an ideal test date for each applicant is dependent on the last date of submission of applications for admission to his desired medical college program, the time required for his preparation and the availability of the testing center of his choice on that particular date.

Preparing for MCAT

Whether you start your MCAT prep before registering for the test or after it, your test preparation will be subjective to the test date you have chosen for taking the test. It is highly advisable to start your preparation before you register for the test. This will give you the flexibility of choosing from different test dates in case the test date as per your first choice is not available for registration.

If the testing center that is situated near your home is not available on the date of your choice, then you may have to consider other dates on which this test center is available. If you have already started your preparation then you may not have a problem even if you select a date that is quite close. If you haven’t yet started your preparation then you will have to choose from the test dates that give you adequate time for preparation leading to a situation wherein you may have to take the test from a testing center that is very far away from your location.

In order to avoid this scenario in which you'll be forced to take the test either without adequate preparation or at a location far from your home, start your preparation well in time. After you have registered for the test, get serious about your preparation. Finalize the preparation schedules as per the test date. Analyze the content which is yet to be reviewed. Allocate time slots dedicated for preparation daily. Do not panic as the test date draws closer. If you have been carrying out your preparation earnestly on a regular basis, then there is no reason for you to be nervous and stressed out. Most people advocate starting their preparation well in time so that you do not have to rush in the end leading to utter confusion and panic on the test date.

Keep some days before the test  exclusively for revising whatever you have studied during your preparation. Relax on the day before the test. Get a good night’s sleep and do not attempt to stay awake the whole night trying to cram up formulae and rules of grammar. If you have gone over the basics of the content tested by the MCAT thoroughly during your preparation, then you will have no problems in recalling the same while taking the test. On the test date, report at the test center with a calm and composed frame of mind. Remember that hard work always pays off in the end and if you have put in your best in your preparation, you will definitely succeed in the test.

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