The medical profession has always been held in awe by a large section of the society. It is no surprise that the present generation maintains a high level of admiration for a career in medicine. A large number of students apply for admissions to medical colleges every year in order to realize their aspirations of becoming doctors.

Before applying for admissions to medical colleges, you will have to register for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Scoring high in this test will open innumerable doors for health and medicine related careers. Most of the medical colleges across the US and Canada accept the MCAT scores along with the application forms for admissions. Even though the scores are not the only criteria considered for assessing your potential as a prospective medical student, a high test score increases the probability of your getting selected for a desired course.

Scheduling of MCAT Test Dates

The MCAT is held at various testing centers across the US, Canada and many other countries. Starting from the year 2007, the test will be administered on 22 test dates throughout the year. All details regarding the scheduling of the test dates can be obtained from the official web site, You can also register for the MCAT from this web site.

When you register for the test, you will have to first give out the location where you would prefer to take the test. You will then be provided with a list of test centers within your locality or in the vicinity. You can choose a suitable test center as per your convenience. The next step will be to choose a suitable test date from the list of test dates scheduled for the year. There are chances that you may not be able to take the test on a date of your choice. The reason for this is that each testing center has a limited seating capacity. If the testing center of your choice is already full on your desired date, then you will not be able to register for it. You may have to choose an alternate testing center and check if you can register for it on your desired date.

Log on to the official web site and click on the link for the MCAT test date schedule. You will get detailed information on the test dates available in the current year. You will be able to identify the dates on which the test is administered only once and the test dates on which the test is administered twice i.e. once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The official web site will give you the date from when you can start registering for a particular test date. You can also find out the registration deadline for any date of MCAT. It is important that you have a look at this webpage before selecting a test date. If the registration for the date of your choice has started quite sometime back then there is a chance that there may be no seats left in the testing center of your choice especially if the test is being administered only once on your desired date.

The registration deadline for each test date holds a great deal of significance. If you register in the late registration period for a particular  date then you may not be able to avail certain benefits like fee assistance, disability accommodation and special permission. You will also have to pay an additional late fee for registering in the late registration period of any date. Therefore, if you have decided the  date on which you would like to take the test, it is advisable to register as soon as possible or else you will have to probably regret it at a later stage.

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