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Verbal Reasoning

Here is some test information on the Verbal Reasoning section of MCAT. You are given 60 minutes to complete the Verbal Reasoning section. It consists of 40 questions in all. This section has about 7 passages of 500 to 600 words each based on different themes like politics, humanities, culture, history, and natural science. You are asked about 5 to 7 multiple-choice questions based on these passages. You are required to understand the statements given in the passage and choose the best possible answer to it. However, some multiple choice questions are of experimental nature that are not scored and are not counted in your final result.

The most significant aspect of test information for this section is that you are not required to possess any previous knowledge of specific content or subject. What is important here is how well and efficiently you analyze the passages and answer the questions followed by it.

Writing Sample

This section consists of two essay-writing questions to be completed in 60 minutes. Here is some information on the essays that have to be written by you in this section.

You are given a topic in the form of a statement or a set of statements and you are required to express your opinion about the same sighting suitable examples and giving reasons supporting your thought. Thus it tests your expression, communication skills, organization and logical reasoning. Essay writing question also tests your development of the theme and continuity of thought. The topic given to you could be taken from a broader sphere. It could also be pertaining to a philosophical thought. That means for this section also you are not required to memorize any concepts of a particular subject.

MCAT Test Score

The most important test information is that which pertains to the MCAT scores. You cannot prepare well for the test if you are unaware of the scoring pattern. Here is some useful information on the test scores. All the sections of the test are scored separately and your final result represents the composite scores of all the sections. The sections of Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences are given scores between 1 and 15. The section dealing with Writing Sample is graded and the grade can vary from J to T. The final score is a total of your marks in all the four sections. Thus the highest score possible in this test is 45 T.

The scores are declared after about 30 days of the test. This test is a computerized test and thus the marking system also is largely computerized. However, two separate examiners score the essays. The American Medical College Application Service automatically receives your score. It helps in allocating the scores to various colleges for the purpose of admission. You can also compare your performance with that of the others with the list of percentiles given to you according to your score.

MCAT Test Date

Make sure that you gather authentic information about MCAT test dates so that you are able to register for the test well in time. The test is conducted 22 times in a year on 19 separate test dates. To be able to appear for the test on a particular date you are required to register for the same. You must mention the date when you wish to take the test at the time of registration. This should be done before the deadline of registration is over, which is about 2 weeks prior to the test.

The test is conducted in the morning as well as in the evening. On some testing days it can be conducted in the morning as well as in the evening. You can take this test as many as 3 times in a year but you will have to register yourself separately every time you take the test.

Along with the test score there are other criteria also which the college authorities take into consideration while granting admissions. But this does not diminish the importance of the test. The MCAT still remains a test that is an opening towards a bright career in medicine.

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