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MCAT test is a standardized entrance test conducted for the purpose of granting admissions to students in medical colleges across US and Canada. It evaluates the students not only for their knowledge in science subjects, but also tests their reasoning and problem solving abilities. Depending upon the scores obtained by the candidates in the test they are given admission in various medical colleges. So it can be said that this test is responsible for providing good future doctors and eventually ensuring better health of the society. That is why the MCAT test is required to categorize the students aptly according to their capabilities.

MCAT Test Utility

MCAT test is administered by a non-profit organization called the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). This makes it clear that the motive behind conducting the test is not to benefit personal interests, instead it caters to the needs of students, colleges and the society as a whole. The official web site of AAMC contains authentic test information and you must make sure that you go through all the information that has been provided. This test information will not only guide you in how to prepare for the test but you can also utilize the information to plan how and when to take the test.

For the students MCAT is a very convenient test as it makes them eligible for admission into all the medical colleges registered with AAMC. They do not have to apply separately to different colleges, nor do they have to prepare for separate entrance tests for them. They just need to appear for the test and get a good score in it in order to get admission into a college of their choice. It is also beneficial for the students as their scores can be sent to various colleges through the organization called the AMCAS, which receives and sends the scores of the students automatically to the colleges chosen by them.

For the colleges MCAT test makes the task of classifying the students easier. The students applying for admissions into the medical colleges differ in many respects. There are differences that exist in the schools that they have attended, the exams that they have cleared and the grades that they have got. That is why it becomes unfair to judge them according to the marks obtained by them in their lower levels. This test provides a platform where all these differences can be met along with giving an equal opportunity to all. The colleges rely on the scores the students get in the test to judge their levels of intelligence. On the basis of the score in the test the colleges can give admission to the truly deserving students.

MCAT test is also a test that ultimately serves the needs and interests of the society as a whole. The students are selected by various colleges for higher medical studies on the basis of this test' score. These students will be entrusted with the responsible job of taking care of the general health of the society and should be capable for doing the same. Thus the MCAT test becomes very important to determine the quality of future doctors.

Structure Of MCAT Test

The MCAT test is conducted in 4 sections: Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Writing Sample and Biological Sciences. These sections are conducted in a definite order where Physical Sciences is conducted first of all followed by Verbal Reasoning, Writing Sample is the third section and Biological Sciences is conducted last of all.

The test is about a 4 to 5 hours long test including time given for breaks and time for conducting a tutorial in the beginning and survey at the end of the test. Most of the questions asked in the test are multiple-choice questions. There are 2 essay-writing questions as well.

Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences

These two sections deal with testing the understanding of basic scientific knowledge amongst students. The Physical Sciences is a test to evaluate the capacity of students to look into a problem related to physics and chemistry and find a solution for the same. The Biological Sciences tests the problem solving abilities in the field of biology and organic chemistry.

Each of these sections is a 70 minutes test and contains 52 multiple-choice questions. You are given 7 to 9 passages and you are required to answer the questions based on them. These passages are based on the general sciences and you are not required to learn the scientific concepts to answer these types of questions, instead you are judged for your problem-solving capabilities. You need basic working knowledge of the subjects concerned. The purpose of this section is not to test how much you know, but to test how well you can use your knowledge and understanding. Other than the passage based questions, you have independent questions that test your knowledge of the subject.

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