Tips for MCAT Study

10 Invaluable MCAT Study Tips

Preparation is a very important factor for scoring well in a competitive exam like MCAT. Preparing effectively reduces the preparation time but increases the score. Effective preparation is an art and you can master the art easily. The following are easy study tips for MCAT to make your preparation an effective preparation

1. Start Early

Good and effective preparation is one of the most important study tips. You have to start early at least 3 months before the test date. If you start early you will have enough time to study the subjects and enough time to do the practice tests. If you start late you will get stressed and this may lead to confusion. Confusion in the test will show in the result as a poor score.

2. Choose the Best Preparation Option

There are many options for preparation like joining a class, self-study or taking up an online class. Weigh the positives and negatives of the options and choose the one that is best for you. An option that has worked well for a person may not be the best for you. So choose the option that suits your temperament.

3. Preparation Schedule

Plan the way you want to study. Do not overload yourself. Plan your study timings that are feasible for you and stick to the time table. Schedule your preparation such that all topics are covered and allot time for review and buffer times for unavoidable delays in the preparation. Try to study in sessions of 2 hours with breaks after each session. This will increase your attention and productivity.

4. Good Books

Good books are essential for effective preparation. But do not overload yourself with too many books. There may be different ways to arrive at an answer. Each book may suggest a different way. This will lead to confusion and on the test day you may not do well. So limit the number of books or follow only the study materials the course gives you if you join for a course.

5. Summarize

Another of the good study tips is to summarize what you study. Write down the important points and formulae for each topic in a piece of paper. You can use this as a quick reference. It can also be used for memorizing the formula whenever you have time.

6. Learn to Eliminate Wrong Answers

Knowing the right answer and answering a question is the best way but many times you may not know the answer. In such situations, eliminate the wrong answers. This will bring down your options to 2 or sometimes even 1. Choosing from the two or marking the one that is left as the answer is easy. This method of answering gives good results.

7. Practice Tests

As the old saying goes, "Practice makes a man perfect", practicing the tests is the most effective tip of the many study tips. Practice as many tests as possible. For best results practice a minimum of 1 test per week for 12 weeks leading to the MCAT test. Time all your tests using a clock with no beeper.

8. Analyze The Tests

Just taking up tests is not enough. Analyze the tests and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and answering the questions to your strength gives better test scores. Work on your weaknesses to increase your test scores.

9. Be Updated

Join MCAT forums and visit the different websites of the test to be updated on the latest developments. Reading different types of articles on the web will help you write the essay in a better way.

10. Be Stress Free

Relax and be stress free. This is one of the study tips that everyone will advice. This gives the best results. If you get stressed you may end up forgetting the topics that you have studied well. Relax before the test and do well.

The above 10 are the most important  tips of MCAT. Follow these and you will definitely get a high score.

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