MCAT Study Schedule

The Ideal Sample MCAT Study Schedule

Medical school aspirants are often confused about the right way to prepare themselves for MCAT. Planning and following the right schedule is essential to prepare yourself for the exam. Although, there is no pre-fixed way to study for the test, academic experts and education counsellors prescribe students to make an early start. Ideally, a study schedule should be in place at least three months before the exam.That's the minimum time you need to invest before you can call yourself prepared for the exam.

MCAT Study Schedule-Where and How to Start

MCAT scores are said to make or break your fate when you are seeking admission in a medical school. Ask the test toppers and you will get to know how dedicated you have to be in order to secure your admission. Even before you take the test, a proper study plan is required to set things right from the very beginning. Prepare yourself a study routine where you can allot yourself a certain amount of time for focussing upon a particular subject. Be adaptive and don't hesitate to change your study routine according to your need. You can invest as many hours as possible on learning a particular study group or hone your writing skills. The official website of AAMC is a good place to start preparing yourself for MCAT. You can download all necessary study materials for each subject group along with some writing samples.

Repeating verbal passages every day is a good exercise. In this case, you might consider using study books like Princeton Review Series and Kaplan books which have a wide collection of MCAT verbal passages. You can also buy educational CD's like Examkracker's "MCAT Audio Osmosis" with which you will be able to listen to lectures, discussions ad recommendations for the test.

Setting up an Effective MCAT StudySchedule

It has been observed that students who give maximum amount of time (3-6 months) for preparation have managed to obtain high scores in MCAT. Having a prep schedule is beneficial to one and all medical school aspirants. In other words, a routine or a study schedule when followed by a student sets the tone right for the exam. Make sure to include sufficient breaks in your schedule. Like studies, breaks are also required to ease of thementalstrain.

There is no alternative to practice and when it comes to MCAT, it's no exception. Practice papers shall help you to gain good control over time which is a major constraint in the test. Include weekend review sessions in your plan to run a recap of things you learn in a particular week. This shall help you gain mastery over difficult concepts and approach the complexities with ease.

An ideal study plan is similar to driving a car. To drive with ease and comfort, it's necessary to change gears. Similarly, you need to switch between subjects when you sit to prepare yourself for MCAT. In that way, you will be more comfortable to prepare yourself for different subject groups. Hooking up with a study buddy is also a good idea and can be included for a day or two in your prep schedule.Group studies are also good option to consider for a day in a week to exchange information and find solutions to each other's problems.One more advantage of studying together is the scope of judging yourself at par with others. Plus, you can always consult your friends to help you deal with a particular subject that poses a challenge for you or a writing style which is unfamiliar to you.

The following study schedule samples of MCAT shall give you a better idea about an effective schedule:

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