MCAT Study Material

Different Types of MCAT Study Materials

MCAT assesses the test takers for their knowledge of the basic concepts and principles of Science and Math which they have acquired during their course of study; yet, students may find the test content to be different from what they have studied during their graduation years. This is because the concepts and principles tested in MCAT are the ones which are necessary for the study of medicine. Although your undergraduate course covers up much of the required information, yet you need study material which caters to the test format. There are a number of study materials available for the test study. Depending on your learning style you can select books, CDs, online preparatory materials, prep courses etc. Some of the popular study materials of MCAT have been reviewed below:

The Official Guide to the MCAT Exams

ISBN-10: 1577540883

ISBN-13: 1577540885

Anyone who is serious about taking the MCAT exams must have this material. The fact that it is published by AAMC should give you good reason to buy this book. Systematically organized, this study material provides you with all the basic information that you need to know when you take the test. In addition to the important and relevant information given, the official guide has several test questions for the Biological Sciences section, Physical Sciences section, Verbal Reasoning and Writing section. This reference material not only gives an outline of the material which the student is required to practice but also describes the type and number of questions which the student may encounter. Each section comes with a limited number of practice questions which can be disappointing for those who are looking for loads of practice questions. However, an important aspect of this book is that it points out the mistakes which are commonly made by students and also the answers to the questions come with detailed explanations. For more information you can log onto

Barron's MCAT Flash Cards

ISBN-10: 0764196928

ISBN-13: 0764196928

If you are looking for MCAT material other than books, then Baron's Flash Cards could probably be the answer. It makes for a great study aid when used along with the other MCAT books. For those who are always travelling, it makes for a great compact reference material especially, for reviewing the basic concepts. These cards have questions on the front and answers with explanations on the reverse. The questions covered are divided into four sections - Physics, Biology, Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry.

For more information on Barron's Flash Cards log onto

MCAT Complete Study Package, Sixth Edition (Exam Krackers)

ISBN-10: 1893858421

ISBN-13: 1893858428

This material is indeed a complete study package with five course manuals covering Physics, Biology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and Verbal Reasoning. Since it covers all the topics tested in MCAT it makes for a comprehensive study. It also contains 1,638 test questions for a thorough practice. The easy to understand explanations along with the coloured illustrations makes this  aid worth every penny. For more on this complete package log onto

Exam Krackers MCAT Audio Osmosis with Jordan and Jon

ISBN-10: 1893858235

ISBN-13: 1893858237

This makes for a great alternative to study for the test, especially for those who travel a lot and have minimal time to spare. The MCAT Audio Osmosis has 12 audio CDs and covers all the test topics and formulae which are thoroughly explained by Jordan and Jon. However, you cannot substitute Audio Osmosis material for books; it only makes for a good supplement. Listening to the tapes is also a good way of re-enforcing all that you have studied.

While the above mentioned study materials of MCAT should help you in your preparation, avoid last minute preparations to avoid confusion and stress.