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Role Of MCAT Study Guides

Study guides play a very important role in the preparation of MCAT. The roles of reference guides of MCAT can be listed as follows:

  1. Introductory role: Study guides are an introduction to MCAT. They tell you everything about the test, starting from its aims and objectives to the scoring method. They help you understand the test and clarify doubts regarding the pattern, content, sections of the test, marking scheme etc.
  2. As an instructor: A guide plays the role of a teacher. It covers the subject matter of the test and describes it in detail. The explanation is necessary for understanding. Like a teacher helps to explain the concepts, a guide explains it in prose form.
  3. As an evaluator: This is one of the most important roles of a guide. It can be called an evaluator since it helps in assessing your performance. This is done by the presence of practice tests, sample questions and practice exercises in the guidebook.
  4. As a reference book: A reference guide is a teacher as well as a companion. It comes in handy whenever you need some reference. You may get confused about some issue in the process of taking the test. These study guide helps you where you are stuck. Thus you do not have to wait for a class or find a teacher to ask the doubts. You can refer to the study guide whenever you want.

Limitations Of MCAT Study Guides

Study guides are a solution for most of your concerns regarding MCAT. Nevertheless, they are not devoid of shortcomings. They have a number of limitations, which make them a poor cousin of other study materials.

The first feature of guides that is criticized the most is that they support one-sided study. Teaching-learning process is a two way process. It is a process that demands interaction between the teacher and the taught. A study guide is not able to fulfill such a demand and remains non-responsive. There are many other methods of studying which are more interactive and attract the students more than any number of books can.

These guides are boring and dull. They do not grasp the attention of students as other test products can. There are various products which are more interesting, like CDs, videos, flash cards and electronic gadgets. Such products make learning pleasurable and quick.

It becomes difficult to update a book with the latest changes. Publishing a book requires time as well as money. It is not easy to publish a new book after a short period of time. That is why updating a book becomes difficult and you have to wait for the next edition to be published for the changes to appear in them.

A reference book of MCAT is nonetheless an easy and handy reference material that a student can fall upon for support. Owing to the multiple roles that a single study guide plays, it becomes a necessity for test takers. It is not only a guide, but also a companion that can be trusted in times of need.

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